Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter form 7/28/2014

Hey Dad,

Well I bet it was peaceful at home with most of your kids gone. I guess we will see how the Seahawks do here in the next season coming up. 

It is super awesome to here about the progress of some of the people with the mission stuff. 

Well as far as the Spanish goes it is easier for me to write it and read and understand than to speak. When I have to speak sometimes I can´t think of words or my pronunciation sucks but I will work.  I have talked in sacrament like so many times now and I can say it never gets easier to speak when you feel like you are under pressure especially last minute. 

Okay, I have a few stories lets see. Well this last week we have seen so many miracles that it has been awesome. The sisters had a baptism on Thursday of and old guy whose wife has been a member for the last 30 years and he finally got baptized after starting the lessons 2 months ago and he was confirmed and got the priesthood in the same day on Sunday. They now have the goal of gong to the temple to be sealed  in a year to the day he was baptized. We have been working with a menos activo family.  Well the dad is inactive but the rest of the family comes but they have a lot of problems. Well in the last two transfers I have started to see them more and more. When we passed by members randomly they would be there and we had the opportunity to share messages with them because we were not allowed to go to there house. They wouldn't let us in and then Saturday before the baptism we were walking down their street and he was out working on his car and invited us in to drink some juice. We where only there for twenty minutes but he told us he would come to church the next day. So we go to church and he showed up with his whole family min before church starts. Their kids had just gotten back from efy which is really different here in Spain. Anyways his 18 year old son was chosen to bear his testimony about efy and he got up and talked about his dad coming to church and started crying and it was just really awesome. I love to see the progress of people whether they are members menos activos or investigators. 

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

Letter to Mom

ha-ha who would have thought that you would miss us all being gone. Funny stuff. You will have to get used to it cause before you know it we will all be gone. But you can call us whenever you want I guess..... if I ever have a phone? It sounds like Kenzie is going to have fun on the mini mission thing. I don´t remember how they work it there but they do it here too. What happens is some of the areas get one or two kids for a whole week and it has been happening since the beginning of this transfer. We didn´t get mini missionary's out here where we are at. 

Well I have thought about it and I would really love to have you guys to pick me up but I think I just want to get on a plane and go home after my mission. Like I don´t know but I think I want to go home when it over. Spain is cool but I'm am definitely going to be ready to be home and be in the good old United States. So I don´t think I want you guys to come. It would be fun but I miss The U.S.

Yeah getting attached to elders haha. Think about us as elders. I didn´t really have any people I was attached to in my first area but when I left Santander there were family's that it just killed me to leave. I am going to have to write them some letters. 
love you guys

Elder Blake Billingsley

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