Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter from 7/21/2014


Well you can tell Bria that I love her too and that she is the best! Wow I bet everything that Cole did this past week just beat him and he sounds dead but I bet he had a lot of fun. And you guys went on a hike. Speaking of hiking I went on a hike early today and it was freaking awesome it is a good thing the stream wasn't very big because boy tenia ganas pare nadar como nunca.

Well dad you still have a year till you lose us both to college and then the rest of life, but don´t let McKenzie grow up. I don´t know how I feel about going and starting college with her. 

Wow I can´t believe it Texas! That is so freaking awesome. I am so stoked for him the mission really is great and the experiences are unforgettable. No puedo mentir por que la barbacoa que va a comer, Keaton me suena genial y la verdad es que estoy un poco envidioso. pero enserio yo quiro barbacoa bueno, de los estados unidos. 

Espero que algunas más de mis amigos ahí en casa están haciendo todo lo que pueden hacer para ir a la misión porque la misión es una maravilla. Sí ay algo que puedo hacer por algien diga me. Para la obra es necesario que todos que pueden salgan a la misión. Y una cosa es que aprendimos muchísimas cosas aquí. Cosas para la vida tan numeroso que vale la pena. Estoy seguro que coundo algiun se va a case de aquí y sí han servido a todo de su potencial que el converso mas fuerte en la iglesia es ellos mismos. Todavía sé que es algo que me falta pero hasta ahora soy el mejor y más fuerte converso de mis conversos y son pocos. Pero algo you aprendí es que no importa cuantos te bautizas, si tu eres mejor después la misión. la última cosa es que   LA MISIÓN VALE LA PENA! 

Sé que mi salvador vivió y que vive, también sé que gracias a él todos van a ser resucitados y que por medio de él todos de nosotros podemos vivir con nuestro padre celestial y con nuestras familias. sé que mediante de ningún otro hombre podemos ser salvados. sé que milagros vienen por el nombre del Señor porque lo he visto varias veces. No todos son míos pero lo he visto. sé que cuando estemos con cristo todo es posible todo. 

Gracias por ser mi padre tu eres el mejor que ay y siempre ha estado ahí para mi. Gracias por todo.
te amo

Elder Blake Billingsley     

Letter to Mom
Hey Mom,

One thing I have learned on my mission is..well I have learned a lot in the short  months I have been here but communication and organization and planning. I don´t think there is a better organization other than the military that does it all those missionaries. Heck right now there are 18 and 19 year old office elders who basically take care of transportation for president and the ayudantes and for the rest of us  200 and 50 some odd missionaries who are always traveling not just during transfers, and they take care of all are legal paperwork. Then you have the rest of us constantly in communication for different things that happen on a regular bases and things that could be hard are communicated and planned quickly and then taken care of efficiently. I wish some of the people in this world would just learn that stuff. 

It has been pretty hot here recently to super hot and humid so luckily we have an air conditioner in our bedroom. Catarroja is going good. We had a really tuff week one of my toughest and most humbling weeks yet. I have never had so many people cancel on me, members included and lot´s more experiences that are just humbling too. 

Wow summer is basically half over that is crazy and I have a transfer coming up here on the 5th of August. I will probably stay here for at least another transfer or more. Hope everyone enjoys the summer while it lasts because it is the last year of high school for my little sister. 

Wow! That is so awesome TEXAS! Everything is bigger in Texas. And he reports in October that is great it gives him a little more time to keep working and get a little more cash under the belt. Hey someone needs to get me his email or give him mine so we can write cause I haven´t heard from him or them yet. I mean they don´t have to, but to at least talk to my cousin. The mission is freaking awesome. Hopefully some of those guys at home finish stuff up and get out too.

Well today we woke up super early and went by train for an  hour to the most south part of the mission to hook up with the elders in Gandia and we went hiking with one of the stake presidency members. It was awesome. This guy knows so much about the outdoors and it was all in Spanish so it blew my mind that I understood it all. I will send pictures next week. It was awesome, we found a little stream and put are feet in it, it is a good thing it was not even close enough to being big to swim cause we all had the itch to jump in some water and swim. 

Well I love you.

Your favorite child

Elder Blake Billingsley

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