Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter from 5/19/2014

Hey Dad,

Yeah it was such a long trip down here and I could feel it slowly getting hotter on the train. But it was probably one of the funnest trips ever. Just freaking traveling Spain.
It sounds like you guys are still busy as usual and will not have a break this summer.

So we are just a little bit south of Valencia. And we actually have a stand alone chapel out here and only one ward that attends it and it is three stories tall. We cover Catarroja which isn´t huge and then all the pueblos that are out here. We have it all split off with the set of hermannas out here and every week we go to Valencia for one of our meetings- district meeting, zone meeting or conferences. Valencia is the biggest zone in the mission too. It is pretty hot here and I don´t think I have stopped sweating. Wow and I had to stand up and talk for like 5 min in sacrament meeting this week in a new ward. Back to back weeks in church in Spanish. It kills me. I guess I can speak fairly well but I have super high expectations so I still have lot of work to do. I figured out why you couldn´t understand me the other day when I was trying to tell you the joke in Spanish. It´s because the vocabulary in it is Spain Spanish vocabulary so unless you know the words it doesn´t make sense. 

My companion is great so far. His name is Elder Barreda. He was born in the states but is basically Mexican I guess. So he grew up speaking Spanish cause he lived in Mexico for a while. He is a actually a really great teacher. We have a ton of investigators here which I have never had in my mission and am super excited to work here. Can´t wait  and we have some people who are progressing towards baptism. So, it should be pretty good down here. The ward is decent. In the last week I have learned that the people down here are a lot more laid back and chilled out. So l love it. 

Love you all,

Elder Blake Billingsley

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