Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter from 6/30/2014 and Pictures

Hey dad,

Well working hard here and starting to work harder cause I think just about all of our investigators have fallen of the face of the earth but it is what it is. But it is fun. I still sweat a ton and even more with the humidity here.

So we went to this museum and it had all these paintings from Spanish painters which they weren´t my favorites but there were some cool ones of Christ. Last p day we went to an old castle. It was huge! It was really cool to look at the architecture of it and the art work around it. Old Spanish castles are so cool. I have some pictures of it to send. It was like 45 min in train from Catarroja and then we had to hike another 45 min to get to the entrance cause it sits on the tope of a mountain.

Well I love hearing about American football especially with the mundial going on it is all I hear about from the members. They keep telling me about how the US lost but I just shove it back at them with the fact that Spain was the first team eliminated. I actually kind of like the soccer stuff but still not that much. Good thing I have a great relationship with the members at least I think I do. But they really should pay Russell Wilson a little bit more and I don´t know what they are going to do for Marshawn Lynch. 

It is really weird that you run into all my friends and of all the places at work. Well not much really going on today but I thin we are going to go to Valencia and go bowling with some of the missionary's in Valencia.  I am learning a lot in my studies right now. I have been reading the general conference talks every morning and wow it is so cool to find things I didn't notice before that stand out to me now. Some of my favorite ones were from the priesthood session and they were really good. I think I am learning a lot about service and what it really means to be a priesthood holder and have faith and follow Christ.

There was something I found on that was written by Joseph Smith and it talked about faith. it said the something along the lines of the fact that not a single person has real faith until they are willing to give everything they have, every world possession even their family even their life for God. I think it is super powerful. and when you think about it, it is super true.

te amo

Elder Blake Billingsley

Letter to Mom
Hey Mommy,

Yep the running is going good but last night we were a little late coming home from a members house so we had to run home to make it on time and my companion had to call in the numbers at the same time so as we are running home we were talking to the zone leaders about our numbers and I don´t know what happened but my hip is popping. I don´t think it is a good idea to go from sitting down on your butt for an hour to a full on sprint to get home at 10 well I am ok just a little sore. 

Yep I got the smaller package too. Thank you so much.

Yep the empanadas were from Santander with and Argentino family and boy were they good. I think I remember how to make them. I think I have learned to make food from just about every South American country and Spain. So I will have to try it all out on you guys when I get home. 

Wow! Sounds like youth conference they had was awesome. I remember how fun those were. I think the dance festival was probably one of the coolest ones and trek of course. The missionaries don´t really participate in stuff like that here because the church is so small and young still that they have nation wide activities and so it is super difficult and the missionary side of everything is kind of left out of that stuff. One thing I have learned about Spain is that it is a party place. It is all about the party. 

Well it is still hot here and still sweating a ton. Just about all of our investigators have fallen of the face of the earth with summer vacations but I have a feeling this transfer is going to be good. I am here with a great group of missionaries. We are having tons of fun. It is always difficult but I love it. 

te quiro

Elder Blake Billingsley

                                     A cool fountain.
                                            The valley of Xativa.
                                    Old Spanish building.
                               Castle entrance-newer than the rest of the castle.
                               Old painted room of the history of a prince/knight.
                               A Harley in Catarroja!

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