Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter from 7/14/2014

Around here it isn´t too bad with the running of the bulls. We don´t here much because it mainly happens up in Pamplona which I was closer to in Santander. But I guess they will be having bull fights start up here basically all over Spain. We get to go to one during our mission and the elders are taken out of Pamplona for the week while the running of the bulls goes on even though it doesn´t last long they don´t want anything happening. 

Guess you guys better get used to the house being more quite than usual. Tell Cole it is ok I pray every night in thanks that I don´t share a room with him anymore. Just kidding I would much rather share a room with him than my companions. They tend to stink a little bit! Wow I don´t think it has gotten that hot here yet but the humidity kills me. 

Right now the teaching is going better. We just started teaching a lady named Zoila who is from Bolivia and is a golden investigator. She has family that lives in Houston and they are all members. They told her basically to look at the church. So we met with here twice last week and she came to church. She is really awesome and I just think basically she will do what she needs to do to find out eveything for herself.  Other than that we are trying to help a few people get ready for baptism. Sometimes they just have different ideas and look at things differently. I guess they kinda still have to have a change of heart before they really understand everything. 

well still loveing it out here love you

Elder Blake Billingsley

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