Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter from 5/26/2014

Hey Dad,

Well things are going good here in Catarroja I'm just sweating like crazy though. Of course you do all the work and Cole get´s the money that how he works. I can honestly say I miss doing yard work though. 

Funny story. so the sisters here in Catarroja in the same week had a shower break and locked there keys in there piso so we had to fix there shower and unplug the drain. Ugh gross. Good thing I grew up with sisters with long hair and know how to do that. And the plumbing here in Spain sucks by the way. And then we had to unlock there door to there piso with a pop can. Good thing my comp is Mexican and has skills. 

Hope the Seahawks do good again this year. 

Well not much happening just teaching a lot and getting to know the knew area I have already been here for two weeks crazy. 

Well I am limited on time today cause we have to get some stuff done but hope everything is going good. 

Love you
Blake Billingsley

Letter to Mom

Wow I can´t believe school is almost out for you guys there. Well I have actully been here for two weeks. Thank you for sending all that stuff by the way. She is not old enough to go to prom. That is so weird and next year she will be a senior. no puede ser. Hopefully school comes to an end fast. I have almost been out 9 months. Time is flying by so fast. Sorry I don´t have a ton of time today. Still trying to get the new area down and trying to work with an new companion. The sister missionary's here have talked us into running theree times a week with them and into doing and English fast starting tonight and not ending till next Monday. I hope I can do it. 

Elder Blake Billingsley

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