Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter from 6/9/2014

querido padre.......

woops casi empece a orar. jaja. bueno ¿que tal todo? me sueno como cada uno de mis hermanos están listo parra terminar escuela y descansar un poco de sus estudios y todo. pero están tan ocupados con todos de los deportes y todo. me acuerdo jugando fútbol americano todo el tiempo y yo casi nunca tenia tiempo para hacer otras cosas. pero sabemos que era me cosa favorito y no quería hacer nada más. No lo creo. Mi hermana va tomar el examen( ACT) para ir a la universidad. !No puede ser! 

espero que Bren pude sentir mejor in la semana que viene y que puede mostrar a los entendedores que ella is la leche. !Wow! Cole es una machina y nadie tiene la habilidad para detenerlo. !es una bestia! noooooo yo completamente olvide el cumple ano de mama. tengo que escribir algo muy buena ye enviar lo rápido.  

Well hopefully the spanish isn´t too bad and that you understand it. I think that there might be one or two Spanish things in there that you might not get cause they don´t make sense in any other spanish speaking country. Not gunna lie I really miss football but I can´t believe that it is already that time of year for the spring traing and all that. I really wish I could play a little bit.

So today we had a water ballon fight cause it is getting freaking hot. We step out of the shower and looks like we haven´t dried off after we have. They tell me that is just going to get worse all the way up till October. oh no! Wow Keaton graduated. Have you guys heard anything about mission stuff for him or anyone else that I might know yet. Last week for preperation day we went to Valencia to an aquariam so that was kind of cool and this Wednesday we have a zone confernce and all that good stuff that comes towards the end of a transfer. Yep just two more weeks till the end of this transfer. My companion keeps telling me that he is leaving and that I will be the new district leader but I definitely don´t hink that is happening yet. Not for a while I hope. I still have to work on the Spanish and other parts of being a missionary. 

We are trying to start some things up here in Catorroja because they just have a hard time with the missionary work. There are some great members here that work there butts off for us but then there are others that just don´t do anything and it is frustrating but we are stating some things with individual family's and then we are going to have an activity called the viaje por la vidsa de cristo. seria genial.

bueno te quiero

Elder Blake Billingsley   
Letter to Mom
 Hey mom,

Well yeah we try to be busy here. This past week however things have kinda slowed down so we are really trying to find more people to teach and work with the members more. We have been hearing a lot about how the missionary´s are working more with members in the states and that in some missions they don´t do contacting anymore. They are really pushing us hard to work with the members. So we are trying to put on an activity here called viaje por la vida de cristo ( journey through the life of Christ). It is kinda difficut to do because it is just us missionary´s here working on it. It is super hard to get the ward to acccomadate missionary work here. It is kind of a disfuntional area but we are working really hard to get the leaders in this ward in the game. We are also trying to implement a plan here with the ward doing family home evening with each family and setting up a family mission plan. We have been brain storming this plan all weekend. We have named El Bebé. It is our baby. Just trying to get the members here to give us referneces and help them out to be missionary's to there friends. 

Well we have been working with a few investigators that we have and they are slowly progressing but need to keep some comittments that we have been making with them. we have some good investigators and are hoping to see some baptism soon. I have now been here in Catarroja for 4 weeks wow. Time fly´s. and the transfer is in 2 more weeks. 

Well the running is getting a lot easier it is just so humid here so it gets hard to breath sometimes. And then when we step out of the shower and dry off it looks like we haven´t dried off because of the humidity. The members tell us that it isn´t even that bad yet and that it will be 100 times worse in a month or so for up until October. Well wish me luck with my sweating problems.  I really can´t believe that school is about over. I swear it just started and I just left on my mission. Oh yeah I did 9 months ago. I bet Kenzie is glad to not get up for seminary and get some extra sleep. I wish I could get some extra sleep. I guess I have today to get a little nap in. Don´t know if I can cause it is so hot. It actually has been getting really hard to sleep with the heat and humidity but I kind of enjoy it. It´s weird it makes me feel like I have been working. 

Oh yeah happy birthday! I think your birthday is soon but I don´t remember what day. I am such a horrible son. Love you.


Elder Blake Billingsley

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