Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter from 6/24/2014


Well transfer week again but nothing changed in Catarroja. It has been freaking hot here though. 
Sounds like everything is going good and you will all be busy this summer. The summer is going to go by supper fast and at that point I will have been gone for a year. I think that that is crazy. Yum chocolate carrot cake with lots and lots of frosting! Well hopefully it was ok. 

I have been able to catch parts of games when we go over to peoples houses. It is actually hard to plan anything with fifa going on but it got a bit easier when Spain went out at the beginning. que suerte! But they still watch the fifa cup. 

Well I will send some pictures I don´t know if I told you but I broke my toilet seat a few weeks ago when I sat on it. Cheap European stuff! My butt hurt so bad.

te amo

Elder Billingsley

Letter to Mom


Sounds like you killed it on the race. I think I want to get into some of those races when I get home they sound super fun. Of course I hope I get into shape again.

Wow I really can´t believe school is out already I swear I left yesterday which happens to be the day before school started. Wow. 

Well nothing here in Catarroja has changed with the transfer. I am with my companion for at least one more transfer and we hope we can build up the area. 

The craziest thing is I never gave blessings before the mission. Now I think we give them like once a week. I don´t know if I can do them in English. 

But the part I have really learned is just service service service it´s what the priesthood is. The biggest part of the gospel is love. 

Well love you!

te amo

Elder Blake Billingsley

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