Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter from 6/2/2014


Ha ha, yeah, I´m everyone's favorite elder! The running in the morning sucks. I think the sisters kick our butts every morning and the Spanish was difficult. Wow! Everyone is getting so big so fast. I can´t believe everything they are doing. You guys are all so busy. 

Of course Cole wants more money. "It´s all about the money, money, money" I think I miss music so much. All of us here in the mission miss it. If someone says some kind of line that has a music reference it gets sung.

Well the big brat Bria sounds like a handful. How can she have an imaginary boyfriend? She isn´t even supposed to know what boys are yet. I'm sorry dad I think you are screwed with her when she gets older. Better start collecting lots of guns, locks, balls, chains and a whole lot of barbed wire. The house is gong to have to be a prison. ha ha

I think that just made my week hearing about the bad word in elders quorum. Don´t feel too bad I have heard so many members here swear. But here in Spain swearing is not fuerte at all. Well, certain words yes but there are a lot of common words that you would not say in English in a big group. 

We just set a baptismal fecha for the 21st and they are super good. Their names are Moises and Veronica and they just have tons of questions and super strong faith. I don´t know here in Catarroja  it is kind of dead but we are still super busy and working hard to get the ward here to work with us. we as missionaries are doing an activity for missionary work called viaje por la vida de cristo. it should be super good in other areas they have had baptisms from it. 

Well everything here is good and I'm still sweating and hot all the time and busy, but I love it. 


Elder Blake Billingsley
Letter to Mom
Sounds like everyone is super busy and doing well. Lucky school is almost out. Just till the end of the month. Wow, I left the day before school started. That is so crazy!

The investiagoters that we just set the date with to be baptized had questions about the priesthood. So we explained a little bit about that scripture and then after they said well, we want to be baptized by the highest authority in your church. And then we were able to explain that we hold the same authority of priesthood that Jesus Christ and the apostles had. When I think about that myself it is crazy to think about the things that can actually happen if people have faith in Christ. The miracles that we can see are super awesome. 

Love you,

Elder Blake Billingsley

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