Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter form 7/7/2014

Hey Dad, 

Wow crazy things that happen at work I guess. We really don´t here about any of that stuff here in Spain but they do have a lot of riots we just don´t here about anything because we can´t watch the news. 

I can´t believe I just passed the fourth outside the United States. Well truth be told we all got together and pitched in like 30 euros each so maybe you should tell mom I took 30 euros off my card and we got some members to buy fire works and light them off. Of course we used it as an activity to get some menos activos out of there houses and over to the church. It wasn´t specatacular but it was fun to just sit there and talk with people and watch lights. 
It is true though I always feel like I have a long ways to go. I will always try to perfect myself at the things I do which I guess is why we are here right, to learn and grow and become perfect. Well still trying to get some baptismal feachas here in catarroja but we will see how it all goes the next couple of weeks. 

Love you,

Elder Blake Billingsley
Letter to Mom
Hey  Mom,

Wow long drive. Sounds like fun though at least for the girls. 

We are starting to teach more lessons. We are planning an three lessons a day with two member present lessons. Those are the most important ones because we have members there to testify as well and hopefully we are teaching there friends. Things are improving slowly but I have noticed that the more optomistic we are the better things get. But still with a low progression. I think my favortie part of the week would be those days where we are literally running through the streets of Spain to make it to another visit and it is just one of those days where you can feel the spirit in every visit you have and everything is just clicking. That doesn´t happen everyday but probably at least once a week. Those days where you and your companion are just clicking and everythng is just rolling. You do have to work for those days but they do happen and aside from that my favorite day is Sunday. I think even though we are just dead cause that is the end of the week and sometimes in the evening we don´t have anywhere to go but they are just good days. 

So I have been thinking about the end of my mission to. I don´t know what I would like. Do I wan´t you guys to come pick me up or do I want to just get on the plane and fly home. Like it would be really cool for you guys to come here but I don´t know. Why don´t you and dad tell me what you think and I will do some thinking this week and tell you next week.
well love you

Your favorite Elder

Elder Blake Billingsley

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