Thursday, August 7, 2014

Letter from 6/16/2014

Well I totally forgot that it was Fathers Day till the Elders Quorum President leaned over to me in consejo de barrio yesterday and said isn´t it fathers day in the states today. I was like oh no I forgot. He goes that´s what I'm here for. So HAPPY FATHER´S DAY! Yeah I have seen a few minutes of some games it is impossible not to here and we were expecting when Spain would win that the streets would go nuts as we were strying to sleep but it was completley silent so we figured that they lost. We actually were able to sleep. The other thing that is hard right now is getting people to visit with in the evenings right when the games start at about 8 or 9. 

Yep zone confernce was the best one so far. We had a guy in the stake make us a big old pallea and it was so good I didn´t know I like liver so much but it was super good with all the meet in it. Pallea orginated here in Valencia so if you ask them about it they get really prideful. I love pallea so freaking much. In the past week eating with members we have eaten pallea like 4 times. Oh it is so good. Squeeze a little lemon on it and use your bread to scoop it on the fork and don´t be afraind to use your hands if you have seafood pallea with all the gambas. 

Holy cow Bria turns three I need to send her a drawing or a letter or something. I knew but I forgot that one too. Wow, I'm terrible. I forget everything. 

It is super weird to here about all the people I knew going to high school. But it is kinda cool to here what´s up with them and what they are doing.  You guys just run into people everywhere. Well the work here is going we tend to have fairly busy days which are good. We set another fecha. the first one we had with a guy and his wife but they have just dropped of the face of the earth and we cant get a hold of them. We passy by we call but nothing. So they are gone I guess. Well 1 more week in the transfer and then we shall see who my new companion is if I get one. Well hope everyone is dong well and it sounds like you are all busy.

te amo

Elder Blake Billingsley

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