Thursday, September 25, 2014

Letter from 8/5/2014

Wow, Cole is a beast. Wish I could have been there to watch him play. I can´t believe kenzie is going to tour the campus. It is so crazy that when I get back we will be going to our first year of college together, well maybe not together but at the same time. Yeah, if she thought that the sister missionary´s were crazy I can guarantee that McKenzie wouldn´t recognize me on the street talking to people. We talk to so many people and the same people a lot of the time. In fact I think I am weird for doing it sometimes but it´s what you got to do. 

Well right now we are in transfers and my companion left so I am waiting for my companion to show up this tarde. Everything here is going alright. We need to grow our base of investigators big time but we do have some good investigators. They just won´t get baptized and they have been taught everything. It drives me nuts. Hopefully one of them will get baptized this month.  

i am a little frustrated with things but it is all good. I think I have 6 more weeks here in Catarroja and then we will see where I go. They tell me that there are some big groups of people coming in the mission here towards the end of the summer and that we might be receiving  ipads in September or October but we would have to pay for them. It would totally be worth it. It would eliminate all paper work the area book the agenda forms. All of it will be the ipad and maps. Ward list and everything. It would make life so much easier. The hard part would be putting all of the area book on the app that we would have. I am not sure that is just what they say that it is a possibility in the next couple months. 

Well the work is good here, but I can´t lie i do have a really tough area but they tell me my new companion is a work horse so I am ready this area needs some help bad. I don´t like talking bad about people but I am glad to have new companion, but things are doing good. We are teaching lessons but we can teach more. So hopefully that will change and we can get these people baptized soon. So every month the mission sets a goal. The goal this month is as a mission for the month to find 2000 new investigators and to invite someone to be baptized everyday. President has promised us that if we do it we will baptize more and see more miracles.

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

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