Thursday, September 25, 2014

Letter form 8/11/2014

Well sounds like you had a great experience with kenzie and the tire blowing on the honda. I know I am super excited when I get home to go to school and do some stuff like make friends that aren´t guys! Can´t like being with guys all the time-can drive you nuts. You wouldn´t think that when you are younger but it sure does. Not to mention half the women in this country walk around half naked. Man being a missionary can be tough. 

Wow how does that work losing to the team you just crushed in the super bowl for your pre season opener. no bueno. You will for sure have to keep me updated on BG and how they do here in this next year cause I would love to see them start to get really good here again with all those boys that will be coming up here in the next couple years but I guess they would all be a year older or about the same age as Brenley. 

Yeah my companion is Elder Streiff. He is from Billings Montana and is 6 foot 3 so I look like a midget with him.  I know we are only a week down but we get a long the best out of any of my companions. We are working hard and doing a little bit of the dirty work more than I would like so that means knocking doors and contacting but we have to cause we don´t have many investigators. My last companion was a little difficult to deal with. But it is what it is. 

Yeah working with the less actives is a big thing right now we have so many less active members that we are constantly working with. And really there are so many people to baptize  If we reactivate people they have family that aren't members and friends and it is just freaking awesome and like a chain reaction when reactivation happens. The last two weeks I have been passing by this family to bring them to church super less active but super nice hopefully they start coming by themselves. 

Elder Billingsley

Letter to Mom

Hey mom,
Sounds like conference was good and enjoyable since you didn´t have the monsters. Wow he had Bria with him all night. They must have watched tv the whole time. Nope I haven´t gotten a package yet but I probably will this week cause we have a conference with president and the ayudantes. I really need to write them and the Breaux's. I hear from Bro Ferqueron through emails that he sends me about the Lewy's but that is about it. 

Crazy how the summer is almost over. For me here not really they say it cools off at the end of September or beginning of October. So it is pretty safe to say that the heat is killing me here. I have never sweated so much in my life. But somehow my shirts are still white-ish.  I am doing awesome. Trying to rebuild this area as far as missionary work because my last companion was a little difficult but it's alright I have a great companion right now and we a kickin it into gear. Wish I had something spiritual to write but not really right now.  But I have really been enjoying my studies lately. I just finished the Book of Mormon for the second time on my mission and right now I am reading the four gospels. It is really good stuff. 

Anyways love you 

Elder Blake Billingsley

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