Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Letter from 8/18/2014


Well sounds like everyone is doing really well there. Sometimes I wish I was there and sometimes I wish I wasn´t. Being here makes me realize that I am truly blessed to live where I do. Sometimes it makes you miss the United States. Maybe I am just a little patriotic but I love where we live. Then again I have had some of the weirdest but coolest experiences here in the mission and well, I wrote mom about them so you will have to read it, which I am sure you do. 

This week we had a miracle in our area. We set two fechas bautismales. El primero fijamos con una chicaa ecuatoriana quien ha investigado durante los últimos 8 meses y bueno ella es super preparada para bautizarse. Estoy mu agradecido que puedo ver su bautismo. Va a bautizarse el 30 de agosto. El segundo fecha que tenemos es uno de los mejor milagros que he visto en la misión hasta ahora. Tenemos una miembro aquí en Cattaroja quien se bautizo hace 2 años creo, pero ella tiene un hermano. Su hermano creo que era el miércoles tocó su timbre a las doce de la noche y le dijo. "Quiero pasar el fin de semana con vosotros, esta bien." Entonces nos llamo el sábado y nos dijo. " Mi hermano esta aquí en mi casa, vengan, quiero que le ensenan." Y bueno fuimos a su casa y le ensenamos la restauración y también fijamos la fecha del día 30. Hemos estado con el por los últimos 2 días y tenemos una visita con el hoy. Y también vino a la capilla ayer. Esta listo para bautizarse.

No sé si lo ha notado en los pasados cartas pero para mí me encuentro difícil para hablar en inglés. No es que hablo bien el español y tengo un campanero de los estados unidos pero. Ya me cuesta muchísimo. Todo bien aquí especialmente que ya tengo un compañero que le gusta a trabajar. Pero es cierto que aprendo algo do cada compañero.  

Love you

Elder Blake Blillingsley

P.S. No estoy bromando, cuando hablo inglés pienso en español. Me duele un poco y aveces es difícil de pensar cuando estoy escribiendo cartas.
Letter to mom
Hey mommy,

Wow sounds like it could really be crazy there when school starts. Glad I am here in the busy world of Spain. Actually I miss the United States more and more. Spain is an incredible place but I have never been more grateful for where I am from in my entire life. 

Wow Brother Breaux will be great in the bishopric and it is crazy how much the ward is growing. I wonder if they will end up spliting it ever. I don´t think we have a really big ward boundry either. You know it is really sad that Brother Reinhardt passed away but for me it was worse that he had to live the way he did. I am super glad that he has gone on to do other things. For sure he will help out on the other side. He was always trying to share the church with everyone in that residency. 

Yep I got the package from Hammond's and I loved it. I need to write them a letter. I loved the poem that they sent me it was awesome. 

Well this week we set up two baptismala fechas for the 30th of this month one with our investigator mercedes who is super prepared and another with the brother of a recent convert who I am postive will be baptized as well. We are doing work here in Catarroja and I am loving it. I can´t lie though I am really excited to be working with my new companion. We work really well together. This area here is taking of. I have had some crazy onece in a lifetime oportunity´s here in the mission. Right now my zone leaders are from Austria and England and I just had an entercambio with the Austrian/German and who else can say that they ran around spain all day talking to people about Jesus with an Austrian/German who speaks English and Spanish, and all day we just spoke spanish. Boom! also today I was on a hike with three Americans 2 Peruvians 2 Spaniards and a black guy from Angola. Crazy stuff happens here in Spain. I love it. Not to mention we visited an old Roman castle on the hike. 

Well hope eveything is going well and you all stay busy.

Love you 

Elder Blake Billingsley

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