Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter from 9/1/2014

Boom! Baptism...s!

So after Grinding it out the last 4 months here in Catarroja I saw some baptisms. They are two really great people and I can´t tell you guys how happy I am for them cause they both needed it so bad. And with the two baptisms this weekend we met our baptismal goal for the month of August. Well you know how it is we are always working with goals here in the mission. The whole thing was interesting though. Mercedes wanted her dad to baptize her so we had to ask his bishop in Madrid if he could do the baptism. And this had happened before with her and he wasn´t worthy to do it at the time but I guess he was this time. So we got him in the font and he dunked her about 5 times and had to say the prayer about 20 times till he got it right. In the end the stake president who is in our ward went over to the stairs and was telling him word for word what to say. But I think he is hard of hearing because I was trying to tell him what to say and he wouldn't repeat what I said and then my companion baptized Juan. Then in church the next day for the confirmations I had to whisper in her dads ear the entire prayer and when we got to the blessing I said y ahora la bendicion and he paused for a moment and gave a blessing that was a little different but it worked out. The experiences you have on the mission. Then I confirmed Juan and after church I conferred the aronic priesthood on him. It was a crazy experience to confirm him though. The spirit I could feel it so strongly. 

Then last night I was in one of the craziest lessons ever. So in one of the wards in Valencia the hermanas are teaching an 11 year old kid from equatorial guinea that actually lives in our area but he has been in Valencia with family for the summer. So we went to meet him so we could keep teaching him. Well his uncle is a recent convert of the sisters and is super smart and the kid has a cousin who I think she is about 13 years old but completely deaf. Anyways we went to Valencia last night with the sisters for this visit and the family doesn´t want to listen so we took a blanket out onto the roof of this building like 10 stories up and had a lesson. Weirdest lesson ever. One of the sisters thinks she is Hawaiian but is from Utah and super white the other one is half Columbian but has lived in the states forever. One missionary form Montana and the other from Washington having a lesson with 3 Africans one being a recent convert who is really smart and an 11 year old boy and a deaf girl who was super smart and just a happy girl and understood everything that was going on which was just amazing to me. That definitely went into my journal. 

Well that is just a little bit of my week this last week. I forgot to mention that we just set up two more baptismal fechas for this month. The work is picking up and it is getting hot.

That is so cool that Chaz is coming to my part of the world. I know tons of guys over there from the mtc and missionary's that live there too. Just tell him that from what I know from some of my friends over there he will be going to one of the most apostate missions ever. No, just joking but he will have some fun especially trying to understand the AndalucĂ­an accent it is the worst. It doesn´t even sound like Spanish and it takes awhile to understand. I think he has part of Africa in his mission too. Wow, that is so freaking awesome. you will definitely have to get his email for me. He is going to have a blast in the mtc and in Spain.

Boom Spencer is getting married what a beast. por fin se va a casar. 

Wow I sure miss garlic fries my companions family was just in Seattle like a week or two ago and went to a Mariners game. They were just passing by on there way up to Canada to B.C to visit family I think. kinda weird to think that are family's were closer together than we are to them. 

That´s it, Bria start out with the basics and just keep learning the Spanish. poco e poco.

Love Elder Blake Billingsley 
This is Juan and the family, his sister and his nephews they were such a big help in baptizing him. He got baptized in two weeks from the day we met him. Yep, they are from Columbia. 

                                        Juan and Mercedes
                         Mercedes with her dad, sister and the sister missionaries.

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