Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter form 8/25/2014

Hey Dad,

Dang I can´t believe that summer is almost over. I feel like it just started and now school is starting up. The crazy thing is I was just looking at the calendar and skype time is only four months away. 

Bria sounds like the biggest brat in the world. I can´t believe she talks so much and the things she says. She could say words when I left but no much more than that. Next week I hit a year in the mission but I have barely under a year to go till I jump on a plane and go home to the good old U S of A . Speaking of which we had a visit with this less active guy form Argentina who told us he loves the states 100 percent it is the best that there is. It made me and my companion laugh cause we have both been missing the states this last week. We both have about the same time in the mission. He has one more transfer than me. 

Another thing I have started keeping a list of the reasons people give me for not listening to us when we contact them or however we run into them and this week this guy told me. " no no siegan solo tengo 5 minutos de descanso antes de que me voy a trabajar  siegan siegan estoy mirando tonterías" ( no no leave I have five minutes of a work break and I am looking at STUPID THINGS). That made me laugh a little bit when I left cause he was on his phone doing who knows what and we just could have given him something to change his life in five minutes instead of looking at stupid things. I probably shouldn´t have laughed but at least I didn´t till we were around the corner. I don´t think I have every heard a dumber excuse in my life. Well anyways I have been keeping a list of excuses and they get pretty funny. I think I am going to send my favorite one of the week every week. Just one of those missionary things.  

Well this week we have those two baptisms coming up. Mercedes and Juan are getting baptized the 30th thanks to all the prayers. I have seen Juan make a complete 180 and it is so awesome. and Mercedes, it is about time she gets baptized. You know we go out in the street everyday and even by members we get shot down and fired on for visits but when you have that occasional baptism it makes all the tiredness and exhaustion and the bad times go away. They haven´t gotten baptized yet but I am 100 positive they will after everything that has gone down the last 2 days. I have never heard anyone say the 30th is my day do get baptized. 

Oh yeah I still need to write Keaton I just didn´t have time last time when you sent me the email

Love Elder Blake Billingsley   
Letter for Mom

Hey Mom,

I love you too. I bet things are super busy right now with everyone starting everything up and everybody going in differnt directions. Well we have had some crazy miracles happen this week. to start off we will be having two baptisms for sure this Saturday. Mercedes is going to be baptized and her dad is coming from Madrid to do it. She has been investigating for the past 8 months and I am so excited for here. She is from Ecuador and has been ready to get baptized for a while. I don´t know why she has waited for so long but she is going to go for a swim here this Saturday. Also we have Juan getting baptized the same day. We have been meeting with him about every day and at least had some kind of contact with him for the last week since we met him last Saturday. He is the brother of a lady in the ward who was baptized 2 years ago name Cristina. She called us up last Saturday and said hey my brother is here when can you come teach him today. What time can you come by? So we set a visit and passed by and he understands everything we teach him. Everything and he agrees with everything. He tells us it fills him up. Well yesterday we had a visit with him and he goes you know I just don´t think this is my week to be baptized. I will be baptized in the coming months but I just don´t feel ready. But he understands everything. Anyways we set a date for the 13 of September or something to try and baptise then. But when we left he started talking with his sister and it ended up that he realized he could'nt be perfect before or after his baptism but he just had to try to do better ( he is from Columbia and grew up with a crazy mother in a crazy environment) and that if he put off what he new was true it could get harder to take that step to be baptized. He is so ready! I have seen him make a complete 180 in just one week!

But with all the excitment and all the work we have been putting in our area the last three weeks I can honestly say I feel dead right now. I have never been this exhausted in my life. But I am having fun.

Elder Blake Billingsley

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