Monday, October 27, 2014

Letter from 9/8/2014

Sounds like everyone is keeping busy as always and adjusting to the new school year. That is always fun....NOT! But just think next time at this year I will be in Idaho so that will be super crazy for me. It was super crazy here this week completing a full 365 day in Spain. There is a lady in the ward who is kinda like my mom/grandma here in Catarroja and she made me a cake. It was so good. It is going to kill me because I think I am leaving next week cause we have the transfer next Tuesday. So we will know the transfer this Tuesday. My time has really flown here in Catarroja. I have been here for 3 transfers already. The whole entire summer and the temperature still has not gone down yet. I will be mad to leave because supposedly Valencia has the best oranges in the world but hey don´t come off till like November. 
Tell Bria I will be waiting for my hugs and kisses. I miss her a lot. I was kinda having a bit of a trunkie week with hitting the year mark and thinking about landing in Madrid and the mtc and all that good stuff. Me and Elder Schoen are in the same zone right now. I don´t know if you remember him but he called me on the third and was like hey happy 1 year anniversary bro we met a year ago. The first two missionary's to meet from are group and the only two not form Utah. I love that guy so much. He is a stud. 

Well that is what I am talking about. It is all about those Seahawks. Can´t wait to hear about how they do. I just keep telling myself this is my last season without football in my life and then next year I get back right before it all starts up. 

Hey not going to lie you guys are probably better off without the tv right now. With everything you all do who even watches that stuff?

Right now we are teaching this lady who is going to get baptized on the 20th I believe and it is awesome she is from Venezuela and I have never met anyone so prepared in my life for this and I know I said that about the last two but I am positive she is going down. She is a beast and gets everything we tell her. 

Today we invited the whole zone to Catarroja for a volleyball competition and then we had water balloons too. What a blast we were going to do a bbq also but we couldn´t get a grill but it was fun. We substituted the bbq with horchata which is a really good drink. I love it. I am sure you have heard of horchata de aroz or mexican horchata but here they have horchata de chufa. Chufa I think is called tiger nut in English. I'm not sure. But it is like a mini potato kinda and they make a drink out of it. I like to get it were it is like an icy were it is frozen. It is so good but we had a blast. It was kinda like an end of the transfer zone party. 

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

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