Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter from 11/3/2014

Well, first things first, yep we got the baptisms this weekend! I won´t tell the whole week long story about it but I told part of it to mom and I will send pictures.

Sports things seem to be have been going so so. I just keep telling myself this is my last football season away from home. I will get back right in time to watch it all as it starts up. Wow my borther already going to the weight room. That just blows my mind that before I know it he will actually be there as part of BGHS athletics.

I really like that saying they put up. It must be knew. It really is true though and I have definitely seen that in the mission. It is sad but true. You can tell the average missionary form the extraordinary missionary by his dedication to the Lord. The average ones are just here and the extraordinary ones are here because they love it. But I can always give more to the Lord. I can always get better and I hope I am doing just that.

Wow missionary´s just coming out of the wood work from the BG ward. I love it. It has definitely been a while and now I don´t feel so lonely out here in the mission field. We talk about other guys from our home wards and were they are so it is super cool to tell people I'm not one of the only one anymore.

Well love you,

Elder Blake Billingsley

                                         Celica, Valentina and Johan

Letter to Mom


Wow of course she would cry for getting rid of candy and not being able to get candy. What happened to wanting everything? Instead she wants to give it all away? Hey less nasty sugar in the house I guess.

Well we had the baptisms this week and it was definitely an interesting baptism. First off we had an intercambio with the some leaders so I went to Zaragoza on Thursday and my companion stayed here and one of the zone leaders did the entravistas but one of the women did not show up. So she didn't get interviewed and I came back. Well we found here that next day on Friday and we set up an interview with the zone leader again so he got on the train again and was here in Lleida for an hour to get her interviewed. Then the night of the baptisms we found out that the hot water heater for the baptismal font doesn´t work to well. So it was freezing water. Then the romanion lady resisted going under water about 10 times so it took my companon a few times to get it so we had the friend of the other lady who was being baptized baptize her and then he basically sat on her to get here under the water. What a crazy baptism.  I'm just glad it is done. Trust me something always goes wrong right before or during the baptism. Always, but that´s just how it is.

Wow, that is so sick Smith finally got his mission call! Well Portugal is basically just another province of Spain so we arn´t that far away from each other. Wow, there will be three of us from the same ward in the same peninsula and if it is still the same we will be the only three European missionary's in our stake but it's probably not that way anymore. Very interesting that he will be going to Provo because I know that the Madrid mtc has a Portuguese speaking program. I don´t know maybe it has something to do with visas.

Well good stuff just keeps happening at home and it is all super sick.

Love you

Elder Blake Billingsley

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