Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Letter from 10/28/2014

Wow I can't believe that fall sports are coming to an end. That is crazy. 2 years of football since I have graduated have gone by. It makes me feel so old but I am postive that I graduated yesterday. Sometimes I wake up from a dream at the sound of the alarm clock every morning and then I realize I am in Spain 2 years ahead of what I was dreaming about. Usually dreaming about football of being in class and something weird happens like I am naked then I wake up. I have never had those dreams in my life. Weird stuff. Oh well, I guess when you are tired your mind does weird things.
Wow Kenzie is getting ready for college and that kills me to think that we will be freshman in college together. What weird stuff.
Super good that you got the day shift cause night shift has to kill the sleep routine.
Well this coming weekend we have 2 baptisms and I am super stoked. Can´t wait to send pictures of the baptisms.
Hey that pose of the American girl is not my idea but I had to go along with it. We were kind of making fun of girls in America cause everyone here in Spain does for the fotos all the girls take like that. 
Well time is flying here and I can´t believe how long I have been gone for. Lots of good stuff happening here in Lleida. Don´t have much time to write cause it is transfer day and we have to go pick elders up at the train station so I will try and write better next week.
Love you,
Elder Blake Billingsley
Letter to Mom
Hey mom,
Well the days go slow but the weeks go fast here. We just finished another transfer and they brought two elders back here to Lledia so I now have 4 elders in piso now. I wish it was cooler here it has been so hot and we have to wear sweaters and jackets every day.
Wow so cool that she got here patriarchal blessing. I read mine very often out here and I love it. Sometimes I get things that I didn´t get before. It is interesting to see how somethings stand out at certain times.
Well the baptism didn´t happen last weekend but we have two this weekend. Valentina and Celica. I will send pictures next Monday but they are so ready. Valentina is from Romainia and Celica is from la Republica Dominicana. I am so excited for them.
Well as far as the wisdom tooth goes it is coming in and I think it will be fine. We will see how it goes. But no worries if it causes problems I will just call Hermana Pace and she will take care of everything. We have had a few elders who have had dental work done here but I thnik for now I will be fine no worries. Yep my retainer still fits and I wear it every night.
So mom I still think you cut hair great, but I would recommend to anyone if they want to get there hair cut really well and for free go on a mission where there are Domincans that will cut your hair. They do so good. I suppose it is because they have such difficult hair to deal with. 
 Well love you,
Elder Blake Billingsley

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