Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Letter from 10/20/2014

Well I can feel the season change but not that much here wish I was home for that right now cause we have to wear sweaters or suits and it is super hot out here. Hotter than sweater weather.
Wow Brazilian food. That makes me hungry. It´s not like I am complaining but the food here is not the best. In fact it could be some of the worst food ever. The only thing I really enjoy is when we eat with South Americans or paella. Which is pretty good but still not my favorite.
Wow, the Seahawks are letting me down. This is just not cool.
So this last week here in the Spain Barcelona mission Elder Billingsley traveled about half of the mission. first we had and entercombio with the Andorra elders. Then Wednesday we had entrevistas with Presidente Pace in Zaragoza and then Thursday I had to go to Barcelona and redo paper work for my residency so we didn´t spend much time in my own area. I think this week I traveled like 800km. It was a lot of train time but I got to see some people in Barcelona who I haven't seen in like a year. Super cool.
We had the same lesson to cause I think we should be on the same schedule but anyways no worries it is hard for me to love people too and that is like my job as a missionary. It is one of the hardest things for everyone to do but it is true that service is the only way to do it.
Well I feel like a pringao right now cause I don´t really have anything to write about. Well we do have one investigator named Celica like the car who I am almost 100 percent positive will get baptized on the 1 of November. She is super good. She is from the DR.
Well here is a foto of mi distrito intentando de hacer lo que hacen las chicas americanas cuando sacan fotos.  es un poco feo... creo yo pero bueno
Elder Blake Billingsley    

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