Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Letter from 10/6/2014

Wow what a busy week you guys had there at home. Wow, what a wedding, fishing and skeet shooting! I don´t think the activities get much better than that. Wow I missed the treager, that stinks. To be completely honest the meat here in Spain sucks. They eat so much pork that I think I vow to never eat pork again in my life.  At least when I get home because I think it is impossible to not accept the pork hear if we eat with people. 

So something crazy happend here in the Lleida district. We were 4 elders and two sisters with 2 elders in a branch up in andira right on the border of France but now we are just 2 elders in Lleida and 2 sisters with the branch up north because back down south of Barcelona by about 2 hours they are opening up a group and they requested missionaries to grow it into a branch. Well they decided to take out 2 elders from Lleida and put them down there tomorrow actually so I get to inherit food from these two. But the thing is, is that our piso here is huge and with just two of us it is going to suck. I can´t like two man pisos are the wrost they are just so boring. But it is super good to see that more areas are being opened. It is the secound area to open this year with a group in our mission so there is progress. Little by little. 

Wow there were some great talks in conference, but I had to listen to the whole thing in Spanish because we had investigators there so we sat by them. But the coolest thing was the talk in Chinese and the talk in Spanish. I don´t know if you guys saw it but it was freaking cool. I learned something. It is actually so much easier to follow and to understnad when the talk is given in the speakers native language because the translators are so monotone. So when the one guy spoke in Spanish it was so easy to under stand and engaging. Overall it was just a really good conference. Conference has become so much more improtant and I get so much more out of it now that I have been out here. Modern day prophets do exist that is for sure. Wish some of are investigators would get that into their heads. 

So today I bought 2 sweaters because it is sweater season agian and my sweaters from last season are wearable but look terrible after wearing themfor 6 months straight. It is still freakin warm though. It has started to go down a little but it is still hot. 

I am going to forward a letter that we get every week from president and the office elders but the part I want you to look at is the talk from President Uchtdorf because we watched the video clip in our last zone reunion and it was super good. I loved it. I really related to Peter I think even as a missionary tal como miembro normal. 

Anyways it sounds like everyone is doing good and tired from such a long trip that happend to be short. Well have a great week. Love you guys

Elder Blake Billingsley

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