Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter from 12/9/2014

Hey Dad,

Well today is transfer day and I am still in Lleida but I get my new companion this afternoon.  Not gonna lie things have been super slow in Lleida the last couple of weeks and the recent converts are scaring me. They will not answer our phone calls and we haven't seen them at church the last couple of weeks. It is the worst!!! 

Well it sounds like everyone is doing good and staying busy. I know I am usually busy and if I'm not well I make myself busy. 

I love that talk about Peter. It is so good and our mission uses it like part of are them. We are the El Faro Mission, we are a light and an example to the world. We fear no man and we cultivate a culture of living like Christ. Words of President Pace. Those have been two really big things that they have been pushing lately. Cultivating a culture of following Christ and fearing no man. I guess it works cause we supposedly are the highest baptizing mission in Europe. 

I guess we will see how much longer I am here in Lleida for. It could be that I only have one area left Dad just one left. The mission goes way to fast especially since I am seeing some of my mission friends starting to go home. It is super weird, super weird. 

Well guess I better send some more talks for those last minute classes. 

Love you.

Elder Blake Billingsley 

Letter to Mom

Hey Mom, 

Everything going good hear in Lleida. We have transfers today and I am getting a new companion after being with the one I  have for 3 months. You know he is for sure an interesting guy. Things are a little slow for us right now and we are just trying to keep finding good solid investigators. There are always those people we teach for a few weeks and then we can never contact them or they stop progressing. Always the same. Anyways things are going. Christmas should be super fun. I am almost done with the Book of Mormon again for the third time. We started as a missions at the beginning of September with all the members in our mission and we have to finish by the end of the year. So I have been reading a lot. About 2 chapters a day really isn´t that bad though. I find that when I read the Book of Mormon constantly everything is clear and my questions are answered and when we are in visits the coolest thing is, is that someone will have a question and I can answer it from something I have read within the last couple of days. The scriptures are the best. 

Yeah there were a couple of times where I'm not gonna lie I wasn't supper smart with what I bought that month so I needed a little bit of money for food. The food really is super expensive here, still though it isn´t an excuse. And then I bought some sweaters and 2 times we were traveling and we were out for like a day and we all happened to forget our money in piso but iI had my card so we kinda ate like kings especially in Zargoza. What can I say still learning how to use my money, but I usually don´t do that bad it was just a couple times. But the sweaters were necessary cause we wear these things every day so they just get destroyed like the two I bought last year. (i think it would be best to just put my money in from my tax return) please and thank you. Hey but it is true that in Lleida we don´t normally eat with the members. 

Wow weird and crazy things happening in the BG Ward. 

I  know I am the worst at sending letters. I will write one tonight and try and get one off to them soon. I always thing about doing it and then I slack and do something else. It is the worst.

Well I love you have a great Christmas and we will skype soon.

Love Elder blake Billingsley  

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