Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter from 11/24/2014


Wow you guys have been married for 21 years crazy! Well there isn´t much I can say about you completing 21 years and me being on a mission but I can say that having a three year old on your 21st anniversary date. Well, creo que es culpa tuyo. But we all love Bria anyway. She is the best and will have the most change when I return.

Well long week this week can't believe I only had 1 day and a half to work in my area but it was a super fun week.

Brenley must be just ballin it up to be doing so well. Wish I could see some of her games this year but that is okay I will have to make some time next winter to come and watch a couple games of hers and Cole. Okay dad I know I still have 8 months left but when we all got together all the missionaries in Barcelona for the meeting we had with Elder Cook. I realized I WAS ONE OF THE OLD FARTS IN THE MISSION and that I don´t recognize anyone anymore because there are so many new missionaries. It kinda scared me a little bit, but I was able to see people from the Barcelona stake from the beginning of my mission and I could actually talk to them. It was so weird for me and for them to I think, but super super awesome. I even saw some of my mtc teachers which was super weird. The church is just so small here in Spain that you can get to know everyone. Kinda cool but we got to change that.

Well love you .

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

Letter to Mom


Well this week was crazy. It turned out that I had a day and a half to work in my area with meetings and entercambio that I had with another companionship. Well we had a special meeting with Elder Cook Saturday morning with the entire mission. They brought everyone in that could make it back that night. Wow so many missionaries in one place outside of the mtc. Then I  went back to Lledia to watch a broadcast with the members and investigators from Barcelona because that is were we had stake conference and then the next morning we got on a bus with the ward to go back to Barcelona and have  the end of stake conference. And guess who translated for Elder Cook? Well, it wasn´t me. Although that would have been cool because the translators the first day sucked and just confused everyone. But then one of my mtc teachers did the translation for him on Sunday.

We actually had a really good week this week with everything that went on in fact it was better than last week. We just worked super hard.

Wow, you guys are going to Hermiston for Thanksgiving. We will see what I get to eat on Thursday. Wish I could eat a really big juicy turkey with everything, but maybe.  Sometimes we get fed but this ward is a little different they don´t feed us very much but that is okay I have been able to loose some weight since I have been here.

Oh yeah the other weird thing about going to Barcelona is that i saw people from the barc stake and I could actually speak to them and understand them. They were super impressed. It has been a year since I was there and it feels like it was yesterday.

I can´t think of anything else that happened this week other than while we were in a lesson with this lady hear drunk daughter comes in and just starts balling and saying stuff that we didn´t know and then she started telling us that God didn´t exist. Oh that was a big headache.

Well anyway, love you.

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

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