Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter from 11/17/2014

Hey Dad,

Well things are going great here in Llieda. We found 7 new investigators this last week and two family's who are listening to us so we will see what happens. We hope that we can keep around until the baptism. And I got a couple of hairy friends that dropped by.

I cannot believe that Cole is a deacon already. You felt like you were supposed to be ordaining me well I feel like I should still be there.

Well, sports, sports, sports! I am so mad that the Seahawks lost. That just is not cool. But it sounds like BG sports are mejorando. Can´t wait to get back and start getting back into the sport stuff. Every once in a while I wake up in the morning thinking that I am going to go to school to watch film after a game cause of the dream I just had. weird stuff.

Everyone still seems super busy. Which is good.

Wow Bria has some interesting phrases that she has learned. She is going to be a wild one when she is older. But I miss her a ton. She is going to be huge. Well dad I have definitely found that if the Lord wants something he makes it happen even if you don´t want to do that thing, but usually you suffer just so he can teach you a lesson.

Well this week we get to have a conference with Elder Quintin L. Cook with the entire mission so it is going to be crazy. 200ish missionaries in one building which never happens in our mission at least. We have to go to Barcelona and then the next day we go to Barcelona again for are stake conference. Lots of traveling especially since tomorrow we will be in Zaragoza for specialized training with president.

Other than that not much else happening around here right now just working.

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

Blake's hairy visitors from the states, tracked him down surprise style at church on Sunday. He got to meet his new Aunt Traci for the first time!

Letter to Mom
Hey Mom,

Yeah we were siting in sacrament meeting and a member comes and sits down by me and is like hey there are a couple of guys with beards in the hallway are they investigators? They have been here for a little bit. So me and my companion got up and went out to go see who it was and I think Spencer was in the bathroom and so was Traci but I saw Robbie sitting there at the end of the hall with a huge beard. Everyone was scared to try and talk to them so they come and get the missionaries. Definitely a big surprise!

Well things are going good for us here this last week we found 7 new investigators and two family´s to teach.  So we are pretty jacked about this week and we will be having a special two hour missionary conference with Elder Q L. Cook. So the entire mission will be in Barcelona on Saturday which never happens and then Sunday I will go back to Barcelona for the Lleida stake conference with him. It is going to be great.

Yep I think I will be here for the holidays and if I am not that would be weird cause I only have 2 months here.

wow sounds like everyone is busy again with something, sports or school or seminary. That is good that they are making them apply themselves in seminary a little more. I wish I did.

Well the only thing I can think that I would need for Christmas is some deodorant, more good stuff and some hot chocolate and some kind of top ramen or macaroni cause that stuff sounds super good for some reason.

Well thank you for everything. You are the best mom ever!

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

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