Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter from 12/22/2014


Dang sounds like everyone is just killing it in sports right now. Well, and choir. I don´t think I did that much in high school and I felt like I was exhausted. Wow I feel exhausted right now.  

Well first off let me say I am sitting right now in a locotorio with watery eyes. This week for some reason has been super tough for me. I have no clue why but it has just been one of those internal battles all week long. There were some days where it was home home home home or I just felt like crap or I don´t know but it was a super hard week and I just didn´t want to do anything. And then to top it of we get called by the bishop last night who asks us to go and help unload food from a truck and we are talking a decent sized truck on our preparation day and the elders quorum nor the high priests were called to do jack squat. So I was livid. I didn´t want to help one bit. My preparation day, my time to do other things than serve right? 

Well then you writing that letter about boxing up food and then having the chance to take it to that family and having that little girl say what she said and the mom having tears in her eyes and not being able to say anything killed me. It made me feel like the biggest piece of crap in the world. And only because I had just been helping the church this morning receive a shipment of food so that they would have stuff to give people in the same situation. 

What am i doing? I have my Saviors name on my chest right now and my attitude is not reflecting it. I can do so much better. But it looks like that letter was what I needed to get my but into gear so thank you for writing that little part. 

Love you,

Elder Blake Billingsley

Oh yeah I will be on skype at 9 here so I think 12:00 noon there.

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