Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter from 12/1/2014

Hey Mom and Dad,

Well Thanksgiving was just a regular day around here but tomorrow we are having a Thanksgiving meal with the senior couple that is hear in charge of the ysa. Sounds like getting out to Hermiston was super fun with the tire blowing and all. I miss all the adventure that happens in the cars all though it seems that as Dad has been driving lately the tires just don´t want to work for him.

I bet you guys had a great Thanksgiving with some turkey on the traeger. That sounds super good right  now.  Especially since I can say I am not a fan of Spanish food just a few dishes that they have.

Well I can honestly say that not much happened this week. Just having lots of time to walk around in the rain and look for new people to teach. que divertido. Lately I have had some of the weirdest dreams and when I am not dreaming of course I can´t sleep. It´s the worst. I blame the water here. There has to be something in it.  Can´t wait to skype. 

I guess we will see if the ducks can pull off some good wins.

Wish I had more to write you all but this last week has been pretty uneventful.

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

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