Monday, February 9, 2015

Letter from 11/10/2014


Well yep we were on a high here in Lleida with the baptisms we just had but we came down real quick when we realized that this week we didn´t have very many things set up and all are investigators have again fallen of the face of the planet so we have spent some long cold days/nights in the streets of Lleida hoping to get into a warm house. It is what there is. 

I just keep telling myself that this is my last season away from football. I really just can´t wait to get back and get back into sports. speaking of sports today we went to the gym and I was lifting with a Bolivian who I will be honest didn't lift that much and a Dominican who is just jacked. He is about 5 foot 6 but is just pure hard muscle and is intimidating as ever. Not just bulk but definition. I barley lifted as much as him. I was struggling. 

One thing we did this last week in our zone focus was talking about creating a culture of living the gospel. So as a mission this is a big push we are doing as missionaries is really trying to live the gospel of Jesus Christ. To everyday remember what his gospel is and live it so that we can become better teachers and examples to others. Faith, repentance, baptisms, gift of the holy ghost and persevere to the end. They are very simple but we bring the commandments into it. Why do we do it. We do it because we love Christ. But why do we love Christ? Because he loves us and we know what he did for us. 

Then we talked about repentance and how sometimes people look at repentance as a... well the only way I can think of to explain it in English is it is like a dark cloud right and people see it as a punishment but the truth is is that repentance should be something of joy. We don´t have to repent we get to repent and that is something that I am very grateful for that I have in my life and that I can share with others. When we repent we become closer with are Savior Jesus Christ and we become stronger. It is like a broken bone. When we break a bone and it heals it heals stronger than it was. Well repentance is the same if we truly repent, sincerely we are made stronger. The atonement is there to make us stronger. That is why we should not look at it like a punishment like a lot of people do or at least I believe that people look at it that way. We should look at it as a joyful experience we have to grow are relationship with Christ and become stronger. It´s not easy but it can be joyful. 

Wow I can´t believe that my bro is turning 12. Blows my mind I need to send him something. I wanted to last week but I ran out of time. 

Well I hope everyone is doing well. Love you.

Elder Blake Billingsley

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