Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter from 3/3/2014


Well it sounds like everyone is busy and going in every other direction. To be honest my last companion that just went home was so trunkie at the end that I was dragging him around so it was pretty difficult.  I now have a companion that has a little more drive even though he is at the end of his mission too. I swear I am just killing elders off right and left. I get all the old comps. 

Sounds like Cole is always busy with sports as usual and loving it. I have no clue what futsal is. And Brenley too, they both are always doing something. 

From what kenzie has told me, she is doing really well in choir this year and is getting some really good grades. Wish I would have applied myself a little more and done better in school. She said you have to take here on a skiing trip for here good grades. She just needs to not stress out about the act and sat. She needs to tell herself that she is going to slay those tests. She is super smart. 

That´s right dad, that is Blaker's kindle. She cracks me up. I wish I was their to see her say these things. She is going to be so big when I get back. I miss her. Who knows I might end up coming home with a I pad or not. I don´t think we are going to see those for a while. 

I think we do some kind of thing for every six month mark that we have but the last one is the night before you leave you burn a suit and I wouldn´t mind that. I have dry cleaned my suits and they still stink. I sweat way to much. 

Those elites are comfortable I know. Keep up the work outs. Almost 20 pounds is freaking good. 

love Elder Billingsley

Letter to Mom

Yeah, I much rather teach kids they are so much more fun and believe everything you say to them. I have definitely been eating good. The food here is making me fat but I can´t lie I'm so dead every day. When I walk into piso I just want to sleep and do nothing. To make it worse my bed really sucks so my back is a little messed up but I guess that is part of being out here. 

Yeah I get letters from Bro Furqueron about every month and I do write him back. I have gotten letters from the Breaux family for Christmas and birthday/valintines day and all the grandparents and people from Christmas and yes girls do write me sometimes. 

I got coles letter and I will write him back. I was thinking maybe it is a better idea if you send the letters to the mission office because I have seen some letters come to our piso for elders that were here 4 or 5 months ago and those letters were sent about that time too. Tell cole that I will write him back soonish. I just need to get some stamps. 

Taxes are just so great. I don´t think I will get anything for the amout of time I worked there I don´t know maybe I will get like 20 bucks or less. 

hope everyone is good and staying busy.

love Elder Blake Billingsley

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