Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter from 2/3/2014

Yes, I was waiting to hear if Seattle would win! 

Well dad I don´t feel to bad for you when you had to attend 3 sessions of stake conference. I had to attend one but I had to take a bus 2 hours to the stake center where it was snowing and then sit through 2 hours of priesthood then 2 hours of stake conferenc and 2 hours back to Santander. And then the next day there was a broadcast for Spain, Portugal and some other place and it was all in Spanish. Well I think every single talk given was on hastening the work and I can tell you that they are really pushing us hard. The goal for the whole area of Europe is to double the number of members in the church in the next ten years. All they are asking everyone to do this year that is in the church is to think of one pearson and work with them. Just one person each. If that were to happen the church world more than double in ten years but everyone has to have a part in the missionary work.  The whole point of the conference was basically to tell the members that they are really the missionaries and that the full time missionarys are there to just help the process. 
Well I had my birthday yesterday which I actually kind of forgot about and it was pretty good. I haven't got my package yet but I get to pick it up next week in Bilboa because we have a multi zone specialzed training for two days so we might be put in a hotel.  It was good. There is this family from Colombia here that is awesome. They made me this pineapple cake which was freaking yummy. and we had like a family home evening with them. They are probably my favourite family here. 

Well it sounds like everyone is busy and having fun their and I am here to.  So busy that I can´t believe this transfer is almost over and that I have been out for almost 6 months. Almost a quarter of my mission gone. Holy cow. As for the Spanish it is still coming very slowly. According to everyone my spanish is going to start improving in the next few months really fast. I can understand practically everything but when I speak I forget words and my grammer sucks, but I will get it eventually. 

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

Thank you for the video it was awesome. I know I can´t belive that I am 19 already and that I almost have 6 months in the mission. Crazy. No I havent got my package yet but I get to pick it up in Bilbao next week for a speciallized traing that will last two days. Yep, I got one from the Hammonds and from Grandma Kay but I don´t think I have gotten one for grandma and grandpa yet. It should get here this week. 

I am having tons of fun here and working hard always staying busy. We had stake conference saturday 2 hours away and then a broadcast sunday with the area presidency and Elder Ballard and of cousrse eveything was in Spanish so that was fun but every single talk in every conference was on missionary work. Every session from priesthood to stake to the broadcasted session. The goal for europe in the next 10 years is to double the number of members. Talk about hastening the work. They are really pushing things hard here to grow the church and make it stronger. In our mission alone this year President Pace has a goal for our mission to baptize 30 people a week wich is like 1500 people in the year. this is a really big goal for Europe. There is a reason this mission was named el farro or the light house. Now I don´t like to brag but this is clearly the best mission in the world!  There is actually a lady I taught in Barcelona with a baptismal date for this saturday and hope she is baptized. 

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

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