Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter from 2/12/2014


I'm glad everyone is doing good. Snow, I miss the snow so much wish I was there. 

Yeah we had a specialized training in Bilbao, so we stayed there Sunday night and Monday night and got back late last night and we have p day today. It was freaking awesome to go to the conference I don´t think I have ever felt the spirit more strongly in my life in a conference. We had one point were president broke down and started crying because of the response he got from us when he asked how many of us had helped bring a menos activo back to church and every single hand went up. He broke down and had Hermana Pace take a picture with our hand in the air. Every single had was raised. 76 missionaries with raised hands. We talked a lot about so many things but especially about the plan of salvation and the atonement and how to better teach but to better teach we need to understand it better so the amount of things I learned blows my mind. We have a goal to baptize 1500 people in our mission this year. 

Yes, I got my packages at zone conference and they were freaking awesome. Thank you so much. It was pretty freaking awesome. and chocolate is my favorite. I love chocolate macadamias to.  Thank you for the cd also did you know it was shipped form Argentina? 

Well everything is awesome here. There are times that are tough and I still struggle with the language but I don´t think that will ever go away, but I love it here and everything is awesome. 

love Elder Blake Billingsley
or as the members call me Elder Billi

Well it sounds like every one is having fun. I can´t believe that I have a sister that is 14 and one will be 17 soon. What the heck?

Yep, I got my packages and I love them thank you so much for them. 

No, we haven´t heard anything at all about i pads or facebook but someone said that Europe will be getting that stuff through the years so we will see definitly by the end of my mission that is for sure. I love it hear in Santander. We actually have transfers coming up on this next tuesday and I will probably be in a three some because my current companion is leaving to go home in two weeks to start school. He ends his mission like 1 month early. But I love it here and we are working hard. I don´t think I have ever been so tired in my life. But at least i get to make a cake and eat it. I have been wanting some chocolate for a while. 

I can´t believe it snowed. I miss it so much. I did see some snow when we went to stake conference two weeks ago in Vitoria but it wasn't sticking. 

love Elder Billingsley

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