Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter from 2/18/014


Yep, I remember how loud Cole is. I think I am actually starting to get my hearing back after almost six months of not hearing him speak which is really more like yelling. We actually have transfers today so we have p day today and we will be a three some for a week with my new companion Elder Daines. Elder Perez is ending his mission a month early to start school and goes back to Chile next week. He is super trunkie right now but won´t admit it. 

It seems to be a big push right now in the church to reactivate the menos activos. They do lead to potential baptisms and usually it is their family members so this is a great way to teach. I kind of think it is because there is an increase in missionaries but not much of an increase in baptisms. So the church is trying to push the missionary work in other directions. Having the members reach out to less actives and their friends a little more and bring the missionary's people to teach. It is different everywhere though. It definitly depends on the family and the people they know. Not everyone knows people that are ready to accept the gospel but by example and doing the things we are supposed to do, everyone can add to the missionary work in some form. 

Today we got together with this guy in our ward and bought a couple of chickens and some other food. He cooked those things up so freaking good. I think I ate half a chicken myself and I feel so fat right now. It was super good. He is actually like 19 and works for some restaurant that is super expensive. He really cooks amazing food. I still miss moms food though. 

Yep, that is the cd I wanted. I think it gets played all the way through at least three times a day since we only have the mormon tabernacle choir stuff with us in this piso. Well still having fun out here and I can´t believe this transfer is almost up. At the begining of March I will have six months. It is going way to fast and sometimes I feel like I am not learing the laungugae fast enough or different points in lessons. I know the stuff but sometimes when people have questions it is harder to explain. Thank you for all the birthday stuff.

love, Elder Blake Billingsley
Letter to Mom

Wow primary presidency! At least you are with little kids, it is a little bit easier than gospel doctrine. I can´t believe that Cole is going to be 12, I feel like I just started inthe young mens program and now I am on a mission. I almost have six months in like 2 more weeks. Time is flying by so fast. Haven´t made the birthday cake yet but I will this week. I just need to get oil for it. We really just keep teaching the same less active memberes every week and it really gets tireing when they don´t respond to our efforts. Last week we had to get a little bold and just flat out ask this old spanish guy if he has been smoking because we can smell it everytime we come over and we see cigaretts everywhere but he always tells no. It really drives us nuts and he won't go to church unless we stop by his house in the moring and pick him up. 

I loved my birthday box and everything in it. I defintily needed that jump rope. I have been gaining a ton of weight here in Santander with all the meals we eat with members and they load you up. Especially if they are from South America. Big mounds of rice with beans and chicken. The Colombians definitly know how to cook rice. How many missionary´s could go out this next year from our ward? 

I have been super tired lately with how busy we are especially with all of the bus rides wich are like two hours each way for conferences and exchanges. Last week we had a 4 hour bus ride out to San Sebastian for a baptism interview we stayed over night and then came back on a 4 hour bus ride. I was so dead. I have seen a ton of Spain. I hope everyone is doing well cause I am having fun over here.

love, your favoite child and all the others know it

Elder Blake Billingsley 

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