Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter from 3/24/2014

Hey Dad,

I think I am going to miss doing all that yard work....Not! Actually I will miss it especially with summer right around the corner. Sounds like everyone is still super busy as usual and going to get even more busy. There is a four year old girl in my ward here in Santander and I was like holly cow when I terminar my mission Bria is going to be so big and a really big handful. 

Kenzie will do fine with everything she just needs to relax. She is smart enough to get into what ever school and with all these freaking guys from Utah they are always tell me to never go to Provo. But they are all Utah fans and have either gone there or are going there when they are done. But she is doing all kinds of things that will be good on her application. 

I actually just got a email from Garritt and he says that the semester ends here in two weeks and he is going home to work on his papers. I can´t believe that April is almost here. In a couple of weeks I will have had my mission call for a year and general conference is next week. and mothers day is next month and we get to skype! and my cousin gets to turn his papers in and get going on all that good stuff it is crazy. 

They are pushing everyone pretty heavy with the less actives everywhere. Reason number one is that it is great missionary opportunity to baptized part member families and friends of menos activos and 2 because the church has an archive of names that they don´t know if they exist any more so they are suppose to send a list of names to each ward every so often and the ward and the missionaries are suppose to work with it and try to find these people. Here in Santander we have found that most of these peoples address and numbers are wrong like these people just left and never told anyone. Most of them are people who have gone back to their country I think.

It is kinda crazy how much the work is being pushed. They are really pushing for the members to be more involved. Actually in our mission we have to memorize this quote from Thomas S. Monson.

" ahora is el momento de que los miembros y los misioneros se unan y trabajen juntos; que trabajen en la viña del señor para llevar almas a Él. Él ha preparado los medios para que compartamos el evangelio de muchas maneras, y el nos ayudara en nuestros esfuerzos si actuamos con fe para llevar acabo su obra." 

Sorry I don´t now it in English but at least I know what it means. It is a really big push here right now and we are hoping that the members start getting more evolved in there own wards because when they do that they can fill our planners for us and we can just teach their friends and the less actives that they know. Work will be more effective if that happens. 

So last night was The Barcelona and Madrid game. We were invited over to a members house for a "noche de hogar" and the game just happened to be on at about the same time so we got to see some of the game. It was such a good game 4 to 3 and Barcelona won. Messi had 3 goals. My companion and I actually got really into it. Never thought that would happen. 

Love Elder Blake Billingsley   
Letter to Mom
Hey mom,

Well everything is good here. Coming to the end of another transfer this week but I will probably be here for one more transfer. We had some awesome weather for a while but then the last bit of bad weather is coming in for about two more weeks they are saying.  Here in santantder it rains all the time usually kind of like Washington. My companion is great, we get along good and we have been doing a lot of work. His Spanish is reall good and I hope I am getting there. There is still so much that I don´t understand. I´m not gonna lie this last week within a day it went from sunny and beautiful to rainy windy and cold and I got a little trunkie kinda all I was doing was thinking about home and tired the whole time. Everyone says that you go through that crap every once in a while. Well, it pretty much sucked. 

We are teaching two different people right now that have some potential. One is a lady named Silvia and she is just really stubburn and does not want to be baptized. I also have a very hard time teaching here because she is confused so easily. Kinda drives me nuts.

The other guy we are teaching is name Fidel. We call him Fidel Castro but he is a stud. He is a member reference that we were given and lives in a pueblo about 40 min from Santander. So this last week we had our first lesson with him and we asked him if he would be baptized on the 19 of April. He said yes, if he found out all this stuff we said was true and if the Book of Mormon was true. So we are hoping he starts progressing. 

Yeah, I have been counting down for general conference since I started wearing the suits and sweaters fulltime. It can be raining outside and I am freaking sweating in those things. My suits are going to be completly ruined after next winter and smell horrible.  I am excited to listen to genreal conference and then the month after that on mothers day we get to skype! 

Sounds like grandpa and grandma had a good anniversary. I didn´t know that they had been married that long but I guess Uncle Chris is like 42 or 43 now right? Monday´s are my favorite day too. I get to write you guys and take a nap. I swear I have never been so tired in my life. When you go to sleep and then wake up you feel like all you did was just lay down and the alarm went off. All the days just kind of blur together. I guess that is the whole point of our agendas otherwise I would forget everything I am suppose to do. 

Love,  Elder Blake Billlingsley

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