Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter from 3/17/2014


Sounds like you guys had fun with Grandma Kay while she was there. And like you all had a good week. I hope you had a good birthday. 

Remember the white running shoes I had when I left? I ruined those playing soccer so now I only have the grey ones for running in and I love them. I don´t really run a whole lot so they don´t get used a ton. 

You guys are going to be busy with all those people in the house. Where is cola sleeping when Grandpa and Grandma are there. Because he is sleeping in my old bed isn´t he. Speaking of beds I hate my bead here in Santander. It gives me some of the weirdest knots in my back and sometimes I have a big old kink in my side when I wake up. 
Right now we have this investigators who drives me nuts to teach. She is the most easily confused person I have ever met in my life. But she is really awesome because she has this lady that lives with here from Cameroon which is in Africa. This lady has two little boys and is never in the house so the lady we are teaching has to take care of them all the time and she does it because they would just run around on the street without her. These kids are the worst kids I have ever met in my entire life so that could be another reason I can´t stand teaching her. It´s a good thing my companion is always like " calm down elder take a breath you can get through this lesson without being terrorized by these kids."

This last week we had our zone conference in Bilbao with three zones so it was cool to see people I haven´t seen in 6 months and 2 months since I was in Barcelona. It's really fun to talk with everyone and how they are doing. Especially since there are those of us who couldn´t speak a tiny bit of Spanish in the MTC. Elder Kearon of the seventy was there at our conference and it was awesome. 

well hope everyone has a good week love you.

Elder Blake Billingsley
Letter to Mom
Hey mom,

Sounds like you had a ton of fun there and like you got some sun. We have had some pretty good weather here the last week and a half. It has actually gotten really hot for me because we have to wear suits or sweaters till conference and you know how I sweat. It isn´t even that hot here either. 

I guess everyone is doing well with everything and staying busy. It makes my head spin thinking about how many different things they have all done in the last 6 months. 6 months ago I was in the MTC in Madrid and couldn´t put any words together in Spanish and now like today we were hanging out with two guys from our ward and just talking in Spanish about whatever. We were celebrating the birthday of my companion and this guy and Elder Magallanes. But with the Spanish it is a very weird thing for me because I feel like I can´t speak still but then sometimes I am impressed with myself because I can have a small conversation on the phone in Spanish and for the most part explain my thoughts and explain the gospel....I think.

Bria sounds like she is the biggest handful ever. 

This last week we had a zone conference with three zones in Bilbao. It was really cool because I got to see people form other zones that I haven't seen in 6 months form the MTC and since I was in Barcelona. They flew in the island zone to Bilbao. Elder Kearon of the first quorum of the seventy  was there and he is the first consoler in the Europe area presidency. It was a really good conference we just talked about how to be better missionaries for like a good 8 hours with him and then president and his wife talked for like 1 at the beginning. It was a long day but a really good day. 

Love you

Elder Blake Billingsley 

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