Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter from 3/10/2014

Hey Dad, 

I think mom is having a little to much fun. What kind of shopping is she talking about here? I bet kenzie did great in spotlight. Wish I could have seen it and I can´t believe that basketball season is over. Everything is going way fast. Sounds like everyone is killing it in whatever they are doing. And Bria wow she is a little stinker. 

Grandma E-mailed me and told me about the temple worker. Sounds like a fun calling and made me think about how much I miss the temple especially after going so much when I was in Madrid.

That is kind of interesting what Shaun said about a prayer being like an email. I know one thing that I have learned on my mission which has hit me pretty hard about prayer is that it is actually a commandment to pray to our Father in Heaven. I remember the first time I was explaining it to an investigator and in the middle of the lesson I was like holy cow it is actually a commandment to pray and that is the reason why it is a commitment that we try to have them make when we are teaching because not only is it the way we can receive our answers like is the Book of Mormon true, but it is also a commandment to pray. After that I was like wow I have a lot of praying to catch up on. We commit people to live the law of chastity and to live the word of wisdom it is exactly the same. 

Well my new companion and I have been trying to find new investigators to stay busy with and this week we found a part member family from Ecuador. They are actually natives and speak another language called quechua which is really weird. Anyways, we are hoping to baptize the rest of the family. Only the dad and one of the sons are baptized, no one else is, but they are really great. They don´t have any money really but they always give us something when we go over to there house it just amazes me how awesome they are. 

Sorry this letter is so short but not much new happening around here except we do have some new investigators. Actually I do have funny story. Well it is funny for the missionary's.

We were we explaining the Book of Mormon to this lady who was a reference from a member and we talked about how it was another testament of Jesus Christ and how he visited the Americas. She was like I didn't know that. Did he go by boat?  Me and my companion looked at each other and wanted to laugh because how she said it. It was really funny and all the missionaries laugh that we tell. Anyways we had to explain it to her and it was a good thing the member was there to help us explain it because she just did not understand when we explained it. I guess we don´t speak the language as well as we think we do. 

well hope everyone has a good week,

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

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