Friday, March 28, 2014

Letter from 2/24/2014


Well my companion actually goes home this week. Not with the transfer so we are still in a three sum until Wed so it is kind of difficult to work. I don´t really like it that much and he is getting super trunkie right now so it makes it even worse. His head is at home in Chile, but things are going good for the most part just working here with the longest list of menos activos I have ever seen in my life and most of these people either don´t live in the address we are given of the address doesn´t exist. So we have some long days but some interesting conversations with people. 

I finally can communicate fairly well with people it isn´t to bad anymore. the other day i had a 30 min conversation on the phone with this Spanish guy who is like 45 years old. He has no job and isn´t married and he still lives with his parents. He is a menos activo and is just a really really big kid. Weirdest guy I have ever met in my life and he talks so fast you can´t get 5 words in unless you say hey let me talk for 5 min without you saying anything and then you are lucky if you get 5 words in after that before he talks. He is nuts. 

NEXT WEEK I HIT THE 6 MONTH MARK! I can´t believe that I have been gone for so long  already. 

Well really we have a lot of work to do here in Santander because we don´t have any investigators. It was a rough transfer with no investigators just menos activos. A lot of walking and a lot of door knocking. I am wiped out right now. 

Sounds like everyone is doing good at home. I can´t believe the things Bria says. 

Well I don´t really have a ton to share but I finally have my first companion from the states from Utah. I think they are all from Utah. 

love, Elder Blake Billingsley
Letter to Mom

Well I guess I didn't explain this to well. We have 5 missionaries in Santander right now. My companion is leaving this week, a month before the next transfer when he is suppose to leave. We have a few threesomes in the mission because of missionary´s leaving to go home and go to school in there own countries. So there is one companionship of two here and then our companion ship of three, but this Wed we will be back to 4 missionary´s here in Santander. 

The mission is getting big. No one thinks it will happen soon but because there are so many missionary´s in the missions in Spain they might have to create a new mission with less distance and less missionaries so it is easier for the presidents of the missions to deal with everything. 

Wow in the middle of writing my email the power here in the locotorio went out and they just turned it back on so I have been going around to all these super nice stores looking at suits and random stuff. The power just came back on so I can right now.  

Flip I forgot that Brenley starts high school in September and I will have a year on the mission at that point. Seminary will be a lot different for her and it doesn´t surprise me that McKenzie still has a hard time getting out the door on time. She has done that for ever. It use to drive me nuts when I was driving her to school. 

I think my favorite part about being on a mission is a the studying I get to do in the morning. You find things that you forgot or didn´t know before. I usually read the book of Mormon every morning and I am almost done reading it for a second time. Well I'm in Alma so I still have a lot to read. And then I study something out of preach my gospel or one of the principles from a lesson. Wow I can not spell or say anything right now. I have been on a lot of splits with and elder that doesn´t speak English so I have been speaking a ton. I have noticed that I am actually able somewhat carry on a conversation.

I am having a blast over here though and time is flying.

Love Elder Blake Billingsley

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