Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Letter from 2/2/2015

Hey Dad,

Thanks for the birthday wishes. Well it is weird to say I am 20. Don´t know if I will ever ge use to it especially when I left home at 18. Yep bautsimo = exito. The 20 year old Spanish dude went down. It was probably one of the two most special baptisms I have seen. Because you just know without a doubt that they are going to be studs in the church and this kid will be a stake president some day. In fact he will probably go on a mission within a year. 

Thats good that things were mellow for the sports last week considering that they are usuallally busy. Of course Cole and Wyatt just go and give some older kids a run for their money. That is just how it works when you are gifted like that. Wish I could have seen it though, it would have been pretty dope. I miss watching him play lo que sea. 

The Hawks almost had it. My comapnions dad said that it was probably the worst play to call in the super bowl ever and for that they lost. 

We had a super good week here. In fact president called us this morning and was a like great job. You guys are really changing the area there cause for two weeks in a row we had met pautas de excelencia and we had a baptism last week. So he was super happy with all that. The area we are in hasn´t done that in a long time.

Well thanks for everything dad love you.


Elder Blake Billingsley 

Letter to Mom

Well first off thanks for the birthday wishes it is super wierd to not be an age with a teen at the end of it. Don´t know if I will be able to get use to that. And well the face wash is working super. Okay as for pizza, some how I alwyas get roped into getting pizza so if I don´t have money on my card it would be better. I have money, but we have just been eating a ton of pizza and that gets a little expensive. I am swearing off the pizza. It´s just when we get together as a district or a zone we always go get pizza and it really is the worst . I am actually sick of it and the pizza here is really not that good. Maybe that's why I'm so fat-it's all the pizza. 

On the 28th me and my companion had to take some elders to their new area cause they white washed it which means putting two new elders in instead of just one. And they didn´t now where anything was at so we got up at like 5 in the morning to catch a 2 hour bus and take them to the border of France and they went and met members and our bus didn´t leave till like 5 that afternoon to get back here in Lleida so we ate at a hotel cause it is a small town and there is nothing there. We actually ate some super good food. Three course meal and the main dish was wild goat. Super good. Once in a lifetime. Middle of no where eating at a hotel. 

Well this week in Lleida is a super big week cause we baptized a Catalan kid on saturday who is 20. The entire ward just about was there. It was one of the coolest baptisms ever. I will send pictures next week of the baptism. I just dont have my camara with me I forgot it in my piso. 

Well I can honestly say that it is freakin weird to be 20. Birthday´s arn't really that big of a deal for me but I feel so weird I think because I know that I don´t have much time left here in the mission and when I get home and see you guys again I wont be 18 or 19. 

Well love you mom

Elder Blake Billingsley


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