Monday, March 9, 2015

Letter from 1/26/2015

Hey dad,

Hey here I am on another Monday afternoon writing my favorite dad. Well as always things are going good here in the field and I know you are there taking care of things at home and finding those criminals at work.

Wow, what a bummer about the snow, but it sounds like you guys still had a ton of fun up on the mountain. It has been super cold around here lately and right now I am wearing a short sleeved shirt so I am not the brightest one out there. 

Well it´s true I speak true Spanish Castilian or in Spanish "Castellano" the true Spanish. Anyway I was thinking if i am not mistaken in Uraguy they speak like Argentinos with the "ch" so it might have sounded a little like Portugese cause sometimes we meet up with people form Portagul and Brasil and it sounds the same to that accent aside from Portugese and Spanish being almost the same. Actually there is a guy in our ward who served in California and he hates how Mexicans speak Spanish because they speak dirty Spanish according to him. 

Yeah, I have actually been looking at my patriarchal blessing too and wow I have a lot I need to change still to be able to make things happen in it. You do your part and God has no choice but to bless us. 

Boom! This Saturday habra un Bautismo! hemos estado ensañando un chico catalán de 21 años ye este chico es super super listo. su madre y hermana son miembros de la iglesia y desde que yo llegue aquí he esperado el día cuando el diría quiro bautizarme y a noche fue esta momento. el ya ha leido todo del libro de mormón y los doctrinas y convenios y ha vuelto a leer el libro de mormon. en sus palabras dijo " se que no puedo aprender o progresar más sin bautizarme y recibir el espíritu." entonces escogimos este sábado por el bautismo. ¡va a salir genial!

Con amor

Elder Blake Billingsley    

Letter to Mom

Hey mom,

Yeah that was differnt wasn´t it? Well I tried to open the box for like two days and then the other morning as I  was waiting for the iron to heat up to get my shirt looking all nice, I sat down at my desk and grabbed the box and poof it opened. Now I have all my money in it. It´s actually super sick. 

The week here was super good. We hit pautas or standards of exellency, wich is a certain amout of lessons taught in different catagories and baptismal dates. So we had a pretty good week. And last night we had a visit with a Catalan kid who is 21 years old who I have been waiting my whole time hear to say I want to be baptized. Well he is a super smart lkid and he loves learning about the gospel. He has read the whole Book of Mormon and started it over recently and is halfway through D and C. Well he basically realized to shorten it up that he can´t learn anymore or progress until he hets baptized and gets the holy ghost. BOOM! So this Saturday we will be having a baptsim for sure. Heck the kid goes to institute every week and is just super ready. He was ready 2 years ago. 

Yep my companion is still district leader. 

Well it sounds like you guys have had a super eventful week with Bren getting hurt and you all being sick again. That is the worst. 

Well I am waiting to hear if she gets into Provo, but she should. I don´t know why not. 

Love you

Elder Blake Billingsley

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