Monday, March 9, 2015

Letter from 1/12/2015

Hey Dad,

Well this last week we got are butts kicked here in Lleida, but whatever we have a baptism coming up. I feel pretty good about it because I  have been blessed enough to have seen more baptsims than any other missionary in this area in the last 2 years. Miracles. Well aside from that we had our interviews and President Pace looked at me during our interview stopped and said ¨"Elder Billingsley I feel impressed to tell you that your Spanish is good but the lord expects it to be better. Study a little bit more each day" which scared me cause sometimes I miss my langugae study and then he said: "also when you go home you need to do everything you can to keep it and speak and study it because I feel like your language skills will be needed in the chruch some day" kinda cool, but freaked me out a little bit. And if there is one thing I know about my president for the last year and a half it is that he is a very inspired person. I have seen things happen that he said would happen or tells things like that before.

Well so we are expecting a baptism this week at least and then maybe I will be leaving next week we will see what happens cause we get the call on Saturday. It will be a good week.

Wow I have actually never really thought about how Christ never had a home during his ministry. It kinda makes me think a little bit more.

Well love you dad and thank you for everything you have done for me. You are the best. You better tell mom that she is the best also. I guess it took two of you to get me out here on the mission.

Love you

Elder Blake Billingsley

Letter to Mom

Hey mom,

Wow not fair! I want to go skiing!

Well mom, wish I could help you with your talk but I think you are on your own now. Just don´t stress like you always do. If there is one thing I have learned in my mission it's that I hate talking and when I stress that is when it sucks.

Wow I can´t believe that chaz is leaving already. Is he going to madrid or to Provo? Get me his email so I can talk to him.

Well things are going good here. We should be having a baptism this week and to top it off I might be leaving next week and if I do it could be my last area. Oh yeah today I found out that my mission president for the last month of my mission will be president something. I actually can't remeber his name but the switch is at the begining of July.

Wow we got our butts kicked this last week but this week is looking super good for us. Well just want to tell you that I love you.

Elder Blake Billingsley

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