Monday, March 9, 2015

Letter from 1/5/2015

Well to make it short, I got sick too this last week so that was super duper fun.

Well I think that we will be having two baptisms on the 17 of this month. An African guy who is probably one of the best guys ever and a Catalan/Spaish guy. It is going to be super dope. This African guy, when I asked him to be baptized he looked at me and goes, boy, put my name down. Basically we just found out he wanted to be baptized super bad. He was like this is the only church I have ever felt the spirit in. Africans are great! 

Well sports sound super good right now. You will have to keep me updated as it comes to an end with all the scores and who wins what. Sounds like it is back to the grind with everyone and school. Still seems like I graduated yesterday and we will be going on two years soon. 

Yeah he wrote me back this week. I think he likes the idea too. Thanks for talking to him. He has worried me my entire mission.

Love you dad.

Letter to Mom

Well let me start of with last preperation day. I sprained my ankle running. Luckliy it is only swollen and I can walk even run on it just fine but it is for sure swollen. Then we went to a members house for new years and ate pretty good. Then on Thursday and Friday I got super sick and couldn´t go out to work almost all weekend. I went out if we had visits that were super important but mission presidents wife made me go to the doctor and it turns out I had an infection in my throat so they gave me some antibiotics but I am feeling better now. It sucked and other than that we had a good week. We should be having some baptisms coming up super soon. Can´t wait to Send pictures. One is an African guy from the country where all the child warfare was going on like Sierra Leon or soemthing I don´t know. It is one of the only countries colonized by the states. 

Oh yeah, I forgot to thank you guys for the sausage and crackers and cheese. Boy, that was easily the best part. 

I think that that is the best goal to have, I really do. It is something that we should all strive for even more than that new year resolution to loose wight or have a beach body, but to become more like Christ and focus are lives around living His gospel, but really living it. That is something that President Pace has been really trying to get through to us as missionaries and when I ge home you will have to ask me to explain to you  why my mission president's view changed from baptism to preparing the missionaries for life after the mission because it is to long of a story to explain over email and too complicated. 

Anyways, love you a ton mommmy

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