Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Letter from 2/16/2015


Tell Cole he doesn´t have to worry about sweating because I still sweat like crazy. In visits and especially in sacrament meeting talks. Speaking another language just adds on to how sweaty I get. I think it makes it worse just cause I want to say everything correct. 

Holy cow, I am going to go nuts. The world is just the most sinful place ever. We lost all of our baptsimal fechas this week because not a single one is married. If people don´t start puttin a ring on soemone before they do the one thing I'm going to hurt someone. At least they all said the were either going to dump the person the were with or get married so we made some prgress that way. I don´t think I have ever taught the law of chastity so much in one area let alone in a week. We actually did have some super spirtual good lessons about it though.  

Well tell mom thanks for filling out all that stuff to help me out with school. I am going to need it. It is super weird to talk to people here in the mission and then realize that we will be seeing each other in the fall after all is said and done here. Especially since I have met some super cool people here that I would not have know if I went to school without meeting them here. 

Yeah, but so overall we had a great week just can´t seem to find people that are married. 

Oh yeah, I don´t know if you look at the time difference but I am writing you super late because earlier today I put in my passowrd wrong a bunch and it locked me out so I had to change it and it was just a mess. So we ended up coming to email late. 

Love you guys,

Elder Blake Billingsley

                                            Baptism of Pepe

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