Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Letter from 3/3/2015

Well, I got transferred to Hospitalet. 

From what I hear they say it is like serving in the DR. So if my companion can´t help me with my Spanish accent and grammar, I might come home speaking Dominican and trust me it isn´t Spanish they speak. My companion is a Spaniard, but we will have some good times cause I know him a little bit. For sure I will end here in Hospitalet but we shall see what happens. I got called as the district leader over hear after a long line of disrict leader companions. Some more loved than others and I guess I will have to be giving district meeting which I am not looking forward to.

So in the train station today I looked at all the missionaries, watching some go home that are older than me and some of my good friends and then I look at the rest of the missionaries. I don´t know any of them anymore. They are all so young. It is crazy! I was isolated in Lleida for six months and now there is a whole new crew of missionaries. However for the most part all of the elders in my district will be gone in six months. Crazy right?! 

The lectures on faith are the best. I love those things so much. There is one that was super fuerte that was kinda like you do not have faith enough until you are willing to give up not only your life for the Lords name but give up your family and friends to follow him.

So this should be my final area. Going to blow it up. However, I was super sad to leave Lleida cause I had some super good friends and investigators there. 

Love you,

Elder Blake Billingsley

Letter to Mom

Wow, that is super dope that the ward does that break the fast thing. I kinda like that. 

Boom! I now get to watch kenzie and all the boys she is with. It wil be a lot easier this way to stalk her. 

Well I got transferred back to Barcelona. Well, not Barcelona Barcelona. A place called Hospitalet, but it is basically part of Barcelona, so I am back where I started litereally because my first night in the mission I stayed in the piso that I am in till I got my area and companon in Barcelona. Super dope. My new comapnion is Elder Segi and he is from Spain so I will be coming home with a Spanish accent if I abuse him enough. It will be super fun. Actually Saturday night president called me and asked me to come be the distict leader here so that was a shock. So this week I have to give distirct meeting which I am not super thrilled about but I will probably just make it a big discussion cause I hate when the district leader gets up and just talks and talks and talks. It's the worst. 

Well tell Kenzie I can´t wait to come annoy the crap out of here at school. It is going to be super fun!

Love you mom,

Elder Blake Billingsley

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