Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Letter from 2/9/2015


I knew it! Kenzie let it slip in an email cause at the bottom it says what device it was sent from. I see how this works. One leaves and all the good stuff comes out. Man people always tell me the oldest is the one that is better off in the end cause of responsiblity, but I think we just get the bad end of everything. haha. Just joking. 

Well it sounds like Brenley had a super dope birthday. Wish I could have been there to eat all the pizza. I know it might appear as if I have eaten tons of pizza well it's cause I have, but pizza here in Spain, just is not the same. 

Yeah I have seen lots of things that the church has changed because of the world and because of members too. They way the chruch leaders have been talking and the things that we talk about in our mission confernce as of lately have made me think that some crazy things are about to go down in the world and it is going to test us all. In fact me and my companion were talking about how everyone in their life has to undergo some test like Abraham, when God asked him to sacrifice Isaac. God wants our total will. He needs our agency. Are we willing to do everything he asks exactly? If not we better get there real quick. 

Well dad love you 

Elder Blake Billingsley

Letter to Mom

Yep, you know it was a good day when you are just beat. Best feeling in the world is when you hit the pillow and you just feel everything you did during the day. Well I had a lot of random emails to answer today for my birtdhay so, I don´t have lot of time but thanks for writing me even though you are beat dead. 

This week was just an awesome week to follow a baptism. We found 13 new investigators and 3 families and that never happens. If I am lucky I will see two more baptisms before I leave hear. Lleida is on fire. Sorry I forgot the pictures but we have had a weird preperation day.

Love you mom

Elder Blake Billingsley

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