Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Letter from 2/23/2015

Hey Dad, 

Yeah, smart phones are kind of dope huh?! Now you can see why all these people got them. 

Jazz choir, wow, super dope. Kenz and Bren sound like they are just having a ton of fun doing it and kill it while they do it. At least there is someone musically inclined cause it sure isn't me. 

It has been fairly warm around here too. I am afraid that it is goin to get nasty for the next couple of months or even worse. If this next week, I get sent up north again to finish my mission, it would just be rainy every day. Going back south would be pretty sick but I would just sweat like crazy. 

We better make a coast trip when I get back! According to mom, I have three weeks. 

Well I wish I had something good to write about this week or stuff to write about but it was a pretty boring just hard work week. We were working harder than normal to keep our numbers up. 

Love you

Elder Blake Billingsley

Letter to Mom

Hey mom,

Well I don´t remember my account for byui but I am pretty sure that I wrote it down. Hope you can find it. Wish I could do that stuff for you. 

Well concerning byu Provo. I hope that she can get in. It will be hard for sure because you have all of us missionaries returning that have all applied also. You wouldn´t believe the amount of missionaries that did not defer till they got back. It is kind of crazy. 

Just so you all know I have to go home August 19th cause that is the transfer date. If I came home later I would not make it back in time to go to school cause it would be another six weeks but no worries that is the exact day. In fact you will probably get something on my return date in the next 2 months. 

Well we got are butts kicked this week but we did really well still. We had to work even harder than normal but it was a good week. I am reading Jesus The Christ right now and my mind is being blown like crazy. It is one of the best books ever! It might even be my favorite book to read of all time. 

Anyway, love you mom,

Elder Blake Billingsley

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