Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter from 5/5/2014


She is not allowed to go out with boys!!!!!!!  It´s just not allowed.

Well I think the first part of your letter mad me crack up pretty hard. Every one here in the locutorio is looking at me like I am an idiot. That definitely made my p day. As usual it sounds like everyone is really busy with sports and school. I can´t believe all the stuff Kenzie is doing especially next year. She is going to be really busy. Sounds crazy. I hope Brenley can play soccer soon with here back jacked up. 

Sometimes I wish I was there to see the things that Bria says just so I could laugh at that moment but it is just as good as reading it here on the computer. 

It has been fairly warm here too but because we are in the North and on the coast it is still a little cooler but I think I am going to get transferred this next week so I might be going somewhere really hot down south. I will die of sweat. There will probably be a puddle of sweat on the pavement with my tiea and chapa so that people will know who melted. 

Wow the amount of lessons we had this last week with less active members is crazy. We had 12 lessons with them. We are working so hard on the less active list. There is one family from Peru right now that we are working with. The Monago family. They have a son who is 17 who is fairly active but the rest of them I have never seen in my life and they have been very difficult to get into their house. The dad served a mission and everything but I guess things happen to people. they have a daughter who is 10 and we are trying to baptize here but the dad is a little difficult. I think they are coming around little by little. The dad opens up a little bit more every time to us and the girl wants to be baptized but she needs to go to church and we have to teach her still. We now have to teach lesson 5 before baptism instead of after. If you read preach my gospel you will know the lessons. The first one is the restoration the second is the plan of salvation and the third is the gospel of Jesus Christ. The 4 is commandments which aren't all taught at the same time and the fifth is things like temple work and missionary work and there are a couple other things but they get taught in the same manner as the commandments. 

Well everything here is good and I am really excited to skype you guys this Sunday. I think we are skyping from a members house. and he is easily one of my favorite members. He happens to be from Mexico. I think I will be skyping at 6 to 7 Spain time when my companion is done skyping. 

anyways love you

Elder Blake Billingsley 

Letter to Mom

Hey mom,

I know I am supper excited too. I can´t wait and no this week is going to go by super slow and on top of that we get to know the transfer information the night before we skype and I have to give a talk in sacrament on Sunday. ahhh! 

Yep I got the package from Tracy and Scott I need to send them a letter. 

Yeah it sounds like kenzie and them had a good expereince she wrote me and told me a little bit about it. Sounds like it was good. 

Well the work here is going great. We had a 12 less active lessons this past week and the big push in the mission is to reactivate and reactivate and reactivate, which has been really good because we find lots of people to teach whether it is there family members or friends. 

We are working with one family right know who has a 17 year old son that is active and we really want him to sevre a mision because he is awesome but the rest of his family I have never seen until this last week. We finally got into there house and the dad is a returned missionary and is very difficult to deal with but I think he opend up to us. We met with them twice this last week. They have a 10 year old daughter who has not been baptized and we want to reactivate them and baptize her. It would be awesome but we have to take it little by little. the dad is just kind of difficult to deal with but really good in the lessons. 

well I hope you have a good Mother's Day.

I will be able to start skyping between 6 and7 pm here in Spain time so I don´t remember what time that is there but I get to skype after my companion. Maybe a little earlier depending on if our member that we will be with has a second computer when we are there. Can´t wait.

Love you 

Elder Blake Billingsley

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