Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter from 4/7/2014


What is this family vacation without the son who packs the car for you! Not fair! Oh wait, that´s right I´m in spain right now. Sounds like some cool stuff out there in Bend. Wish I was there with you guys.

Yeah, general confernce was great! Of course we watched it in english because the ward I go to has a problem when they hook the computers up to the system, so we just watched it in Spanish. It is definitely true about needing to be tough and be an example. I think there are people that are really lazy and that is the reason for a lot, especially in the church I have noticed. As a missionary our favorite members tend to be the ones who are a little more strict with the rules. Don´t know why that is but I have just realized that over the past month or so. 

Wow that is soo cool that Kinlyn is getting the oportuninty to be baptized. When I was in Barcelona we had to give a nine year old the charlas with her family and it was an awesome experience. And I think we are going to do it again here in Santander with a Peruvian family. 

Well the work is actually picking up for us. In the past couple months when I have said we have been wroking hard I meant I was wroking hard to get my trunkie butt companion to work but he went home last month and my new companion is a little  trunkie too cause he leaves in June but we are picking the work up. His name is Elder Daines and lives in Roy Utah. We actually have a pretty good base of investigators and a couple of native Spaniards which is not normal. We are teaching this Spanish guy right now who just called us one day and we don´t remember talking to him ever. He says that he is just unhappy with his life and he is looking for something. Crazy because it is my first time I have ever heard that. We gave him the first lesson and he was like, so all I have to do is read this book ask God if it is true and go to church...sounds easy. We were like yeah it is. He understands everything we teach and it is awesome. Wish they where all that easy.  

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