Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter from 4/28/2014

Sounds like you are all really busy and doing good. I know how the rain goes I am in a place where it has rained all week and it is exactly like home with all the rain I have had in the last 4 months. Pero es lo que hay. Wow I miss doing yard work and seeing the grass and peoples yards. You don´t even come close to seeing that even if they have a house. 

Wow that is a good stroy about all that stuff that went down there in Ukraine. I just knew that some conflict was happening and that President Paces son might be coming home early by a few months because of it. The crazy thing is, is that we have a fairly large Russian population her in the area where I am. 

What she went to another Mormon Prom. Not cool, she needs to stay away from boys. And of course cole will make the team and be able to play both teams he is a beast. Everyone sounds good and Bria sounda like a handful.
Well the work here is rolling along. We had to start meeting a little less with some investigators because they just arn´t keeping commitments but we are having some success with a lot of meons activos and there is one family that has a 10 year old daughter that isn´t baptized. They have a son who is 17 who is pretty active but we are working towards the rest of the family. They were married in the temple and the dad is a returned missionary but sometimes i guess people just loose sight of what is important in their lives. But we might see her get baptized. I think that I am going to end up getting transferred here in two weeks but when we Skype I will know where I am going to go. Kind of cool that way, right before the transfer. The day after we find out I get to skype on Mother's Day on the 11 so hopefully you are at home and it might be during church we will find out and I will let you all know next week what time. 

Anyways love you all,

Elder Blake Billingsley 

Letter to Mom


I know, I am super excited to Skype. I will email next week the time I will be on skype and there is a possibility it might be during church because we are going to a members house.  I will know next week. 

Everything is good here. We aren't teaching some of the normals right know we kind of had to rest them because they just aren´t keeping commitments but I think we have a visit with Silvia this week. We are working with a lot of minos activos right now and last night we had a lesson with a kid who is 18. Wow I say kid but he is my age. Anyway he hasn't been to church in like 3 years and is super into partying and drinking and smoking and he actually let us in last night and we had a great lesson on the Book of Mormon and who Christ was. I think we finally got him to open up to us a little bit. 

Well I guess I can tell you guys a little bit about what happened when we are skyping with the story but it is kind of weird. 

Send me a picture if you have one of Kenzie going to Mormon Prom.  I want to see who she went with.

You will do great in the race, but how long do you have to run for?  That sounds like a long race. 

Just don´t give up. 

Love You can´t wait to see everyone on Mother's Day!

Elder Billingsley

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