Monday, June 16, 2014

Letter from 4/21/2014


Easter has definitely been different around here in a country that is mostly Catholic or people that claim they are. They have holy week and I think every day they have processions with floats of Christ and drum lines and bands but it isn´t like a parade, it is super weird. They have people dressed up like the KKK and it is super dark and creepy they burn incense and have horns going and drums. Then the last night it is like one of the longest processions ever. It's interesting but really weird. I wasn't paying attention and my companion goes hey its the KKK in Spain.

I think we are doing better here this last week we found 6 new investigators and hopefully we can get most of them to stay as investigators. 

Sounds like Cole really wants this long board. What a stud. I guess when he gets the long board we will see how much longer he keeps working like that. 

I can´t wait to hear about Garrett putting in papers and getting the mission call. I'm freaking proud of him. The mission is the best. 

Still working hard. One day we had seven lessons and we just sat down with these two girls like at an outside restaurant so it kind of looked weird but we just taught the restoration and it was awesome. They just excepted everything we said and they happened to be from Brasil. haha  But we had 7 lessons that day. It was freaking awesome. 

Guess I don´t have much more to say except we get to skype in a few weeks! Can´t wait. 

Love Elder Blake Billingsley 

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