Monday, September 30, 2013

Blake's Letter September 26th 2013. The spiritual growth is amazing in such a short time!

that sucks that the clouds have already started to come in. it is till sunny and beautiful here. I can't lie though I am missing the fall weather. yeah I think you forget that everyone still plays sports so I don't think much is going to happen to the house. haha kinda how it's always been huh.
yeah the MTC Pres take picks all the time.  hopefully I can send some of mine. I have a ton of them from the Madrid stadium that Cole would love. yeah my clothes are wearing good. I did have to sew up one of my shirt pocket because we were playing some stupid game before bed and it got ripped. the Danskos of so comfy I am actually wearing them right now and they don't hurt at all anymore. i love everything that I brought with me.
finally the tigers won something. and the Seahawks better go to the super bowl this year. it sounds like they are headed that way. everyone here misses sports the most. we are always talking about it. it seems to be the topic of choice. that and girls. we all have the worst missionary goggles. every girl we see we think is cute. till w e get a better look.
I am glad that Kenzie is doing good. sounds like she is shining out there and trying to make herself known for varsity. hopefully everyone else is good in sports. I know that it has been a year but my ankle still is messed up every time I run it kills me. and it is still swollen a little. oh well everyone here has some sports injury to show off.
yeah we are doing are fake investigator lessons all the time. and are learning slowly how to teach with the spirit. it is amazing how the simplest things bring in the strongest spirit. I can't lie it is probably the hardest thing to do especially when you are trying to do it in another language. I am having a pretty tuff time but it's worth it. in my scripture study this week I found the best scripture. I think it might be my new favorite. Galatians 2:20 it is he best scripture I think for a missionary. it is so crazy how much I have learned in such a short time as far as the gospel. the Spanish is coming just very slowly. but I think my testimony was strapped to a rocket or something because it just grow like crazy.
I haven't gotten a package yet but some of the guys said that there packages took like 10 days so I am hoping tomorrow or Monday. I will let you know if I got it. I think today we have a free p day with no field trips.  there is a dominos and I think we are all going to go for pizza. we all miss nasty greasy food. speaking of food guess how much I weigh right now. 194! the MTC food has not been kind to me. potatoes and more potatoes. guess I have to cut back. i need to go get my hair cut and then get some stamps. oh yeah I sent a letter to Cole so hopefully he gets it
I will try and send some pics tonight.
love Blake

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