Thursday, October 3, 2013


Hey guys! I am doing great I guess. it feels like just ne big blur. The Spanish is coming very very slow. I can understand a basic conversation but after that it all goes down the drain. I do have a hard time speaking Spanish and it drives me nuts because I will say something in English and I realize latter that I could have said it in Spanish. Its definitely flu season here. Last week everyone here at the MTC was sick and some had to sleep it off for a day or two. I ended up with a sore throat but that is about it. I am ready to head off to Barcelona but still wish I had a few more weeks here to study. Provo might have been prison but the Madrid MTC is not in the best area. Yesterday we played soccer with a bunch of Spanish gang bangers. they were getting a little ticked off because a bunch of foreign white guys that couldn´t speak Spanish were kicking there butts.
I am glad BG is doing good and that my ducks and hawks are killing it. Me and this one Elder named elder Shoen are having withdrawals for football. he is for the Texans we are both serving in Barcelona.
I will try and send some pictures today. I did get a letter from Br. Furqueron. alright my companion´s name is elder Hally. he is from Idaho falls. we just got 5 Italian elders this week some temple session was in Italian. they were all taking out their own endowments. and yes they kill at soccer. its just like the movie kicking and screaming. "pass the ball to the Italians".  I don´t know what day I will have p day yet, but I will soon. so crazy that I have been here for almost 6 weeks.
yay they got my letters. I can´t believe how much Bria can say. she has already changed a ton I bet. I am glad that my drawing looks ok. I cant even remember what it is. I can´t wait for Coles letter. glad you guys are reading. I just finished Alma. it is hard to do personal reading with everything else. sometimes it is hard to focus when you are in a classroom for 10 hours a day. and I thought high school was do I get to call you and old man now that you have glasses. bifocals! I hope I never need those things. although I would probably look just as good in them. mom must kiss you more because you look smarter or something. maybe I should get some after all it might help me get  all kinds of kisses when I get back. today I think we are going to a museum to look at religious paintings of the trinity and the catholic church.
tell Cole it is ok to play dirty because its the only way I can play. Im screwed between the French and Italians. the French and Italians both have guys that almost played pro but didn't want to play on Sundays. one thing I have learned is that missionaries from other countries tend to work harder. me and some of the elders think it is because they are not expected to serve missions as much as the us missionaries. sometimes we have some crazy deep conversations about the church. in the end we all say the same thing. they church is simple, its true, if you do what the lord says you will be blessed.
elder Bannett says hi mom. he is this big old farm boy from Utah that has the most strongest worst accent ever. funniest thing to listen to him speak Spanish.

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