Sunday, October 20, 2013

He dropped a quick line to let us know he is there. Sounds like fun but challenging.

Hey they told me to use a few minutes to tell you that I am in Barcelona for my first area in the 3rd ward. The building is freaking amazing. I can´t understand a dang thing, and my companion is from Argentina. He has one dialect then I was taught another dialect and a ton of people  speak Catalan or whatever which is a mixture of French, Spanish and like Italian or Romanian. It is messed up. I can´t believe any of this stuff.  My companions name is Elder Ferrer. He speaks some English but it is still super hard. Half the time I can´t say anything when we start talking to people. Anyways I'm here and doing good oh yeah and I don´t go to bed till 11 30 and wake up at 7 30 because Spain is a party place so they are all up late. Seriously though this is the hardest thing so far that I have ever done.
anyways  love you guys oh yeah and my area goes right up to the beach. 

I think you guys have the mission office address to send stuff to I will see if I can get my piso address on Monday. Oh yeah my piso is a load of crap.  when we cam in on Tuesday we stayed with temporary companions and did some work that night they had a super nice piso. My piso is crap and I live in the ghetto of Barcelona but my area is the rich neighborhood. When the president says think of this mission as part of South America with baptisms its because everyone and there mother moves here from South America. I have only contacted a few Spaniards. 

Love Elder Billingsley

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